Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pre-Surgical Ramblings

It's very misty here this morning and a pileated woodpecker is thunking into a dead limb on the chinaberry tree, working away.

I'm nervous this morning. Which is different from anxious. Nervous is normal and understandable. Okay, there's a little anxiety too. My doctor sent in a prescription for two Xanax for me, one to take the night before, one to take an hour before the procedure. I did not take the one last night. I figured I'd sleep okay and I did. But you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be taking one before I go in.
Amen and yes, m'am.

I can eat up to three hours before but of course, I don't feel like eating. Drinking a smoothie.

Okay. I'll quit talking about that now.

You'd think I was the only person in the world to ever get a dental implant. At least if I was getting breast implants I'd have something to really look forward to. Probably cheaper than a dental implant too. Not that I'd know.

Jessie called me last night after she got off work. She does that a lot, gets off work, calls her mama. Such a sweetness. Last night she was crying a little bit though. It had been her last day of work at Mission hospital. They'd thrown her a party in the break room. "They made a CHEESE BALL!" she told me, laughing through her tears. Here's a picture she posted on Facebook.

Would you look at the size of that cheese ball?
And the view from that break room? She's never going to have a view like that from a break room in Tallahassee. Jeez. No wonder she was crying. But what she was really crying about was having to leave the women she's been working with. A team of nurses truly is a team. And she's had the joy of working with such a good one and I know they're going to miss her as much as she's going to miss them.

Okay. I just ate an English muffin. That's going to do me. I'm going to clean out the hen house because it needs it. It's pretty shitty in there. Thirteen full-grown chickens will just poop more than six chickens and that's a fact of nature and science. We found a little chicken poop by the couch in the Glen Den last night so I guess Nicey and Lucille were exploring that room while I was gone. I keep visualizing them as being like a little pair of Goldilocks, you know?
"Hey! Check out this couch! Man, this is nice. Here, I'll scoot over. Hand me the remote."


Talk to you later.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. How did I miss that Jessie works at Mission? It's possible I know someone who knows her. A few of my friend are nurses and you know how it is here. They all know each other.

    Oh Mary Moon, I'd be nervous too. Everything will be fine and it will all be over soon. Xanax is a great drug. I say that with no irony.

  2. I'd be nervous too. You will be fine! It took 3 xanax for me to relax the last time I went in just for a filling. Gail

  3. Oh good grief I love your chickens.

    I'm so glad you're in such capable, caring hands with the dental work. That is so important.

  4. Ms. Vesusvius- Yes! She worked on the Mama-Baby unit. I'm sure we know people in common.
    I agree with you about Xanax. Used properly and in strict moderation. Right?

    Gail- What Mg? Jeez, woman.

    NOLA- I love my chickens too. They endlessly amuse me. And provide me with eggs and fertilizer. I mean- how much more could you ask from a pet?

  5. Dear Mary Moon I would love to have a bunch of words to put here,but I think, I Love You and you make me Smile is enough. You will be just fine, like well a good meal etc. Mary from Alabama.

  6. Dental work is terrifying. I'd rather have major body surgery any day.
    I guess that's not much of a pep talk, but at least I'm empathizing.
    But they'll give you good drugs and your tooth issues will be put to rest and that's two good things right there.

  7. Those chickens! What funny girls they are.

    I have thought about getting an dental implant on a molar but just the thought of it... bkaoagfg. I would need Ativan to get through the procedure. You are very brave.

  8. Good luck, Ms. Moon. I hope all goes well and there isn't too much pain and most of all there are no gigantic cheese balls in your future.

  9. By time you read the comments you will be done-so, I hope it WENT well.

    And I love the visual of the chickens fighting over the remote. I personally am just waiting for my rooster to start performing his roosterly duties.

  10. Wow! What a view! That will indeed be hard to beat.

  11. Cute, little red hen Holdilockses.
    I am stunned by the view, too. Jessie was in a good place. She's compensating by coming back home, though.


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