Wednesday, October 29, 2014


It was an interesting night. The boys were very good through supper and shower time and story time and then a little Tarzan movie time. Owen wanted me to tell him the Mr. Peep lullaby, as he calls it, and scratch his back and so I did and it was a bit of sweetness. He prompts me as to which animal to talk about and he remembers this story from when he was a very young boy, a baby, really, and I would tell it to him as he fell asleep for his nap.
Owen, once asleep, is asleep.
Gibson, however, is a different matter. I transferred him to his bed beside his brother and he did sleep there for approximately two hours at which time he woke up and cried and said, "I NEED you," in that plaintive voice he uses for just that phrase and so I took him to our bed where he basically slept on me all night long. When a train went by, he would whimper and cling to me and finally, around quarter to five I moved him over a tiny bit and we slept pretty well after that.
Mr. Moon texted me this morning to ask if Gibson had slept all night in his own bed which made me laugh.
I got up at seven and collected the paper and fed the cats and let the chickens out to their coop and poured a cup of coffee and sat down and Gibson...woke up.
"I NEED you," he said again. And onto the hip he went and the morning got started truly.

I woke up Owen a little while later and he was in a great mood until he asked me if I was making pancakes and I told him no, I wasn't, we didn't have time because he had to go to school. The Cheerios I gave him were not a good substitute for pancakes according to him and I am sure he is right but eventually the boys did eat their cereal and drink their juice and I got them dressed and they brushed their teeth and I brushed their hair and packed up their clothes and pillows and stuffed animals and got myself ready to go to the dentist for yet another follow up and we let the chickens into the yard and loaded into the car and drove to town and Owen was checked in to school by nine and he kissed me quite sweetly and told me good-bye and I took Gibson back to his mama and daddy who both have the day off. He settled right into their bed and he, too, kissed me good-bye and hugged me hard.

So it was all pretty perfect and then I went to my dentist and if there is a sweeter, kinder dental office in the world, I can't even imagine it and my jaw is healing perfectly, all is well, and now I'm home, feeling as if I've swum the English channel and taken a shower and prepared dinner for fifty, simply because I did a few basic human tasks.
I plan on doing a few more of those today and I am thinking that a nap may be one of them, not that napping is a task but instead, a basic human joy.

This is life in Lloyd this morning where two boys spent the night with their grandparents and when they were having supper, one of them said, "Do you know what I like most about coming to Mer Mer and Boppy's?" and when we asked what, he said, "Mer Mer and Boppy."

Ah, the boy's a charmer.

He also said, when he walked onto the back porch in the gloaming last night and I was standing right there, "Lord, GOD! You scared me!"

And Maurice just caught another lizard.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Now this? This is goodness of life. Owen in school. I still can't quite get over it. You make me wish for grandchildren.

  2. "I NEED you". How could anyone ignore that? Bless his wee heart.

  3. Lord, GOD, you have some busy days! (I love that exclamation! Hilarious.) Glad your jaw is healing well!

  4. Angella- Oh, you will love those grands when you get them!

    ditchingthedog- I know!

    Denise- I do. Yes. I surely do.

    Elizabeth- I wonder where he picked that one up? Mmmmm....

    Steve Reed- And then I took an hour and a half nap.

  5. Only in the last couple of years have the grandgirls not wanted me to sleep with them when they spend the night and they are teenagers now. the grandboy is like Owen I guess. he goes to sleep and sleeps hard.


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