Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekly News Round-Up. Oh Wait. It's Only Monday

Okay. The Pope is resigning.
First Pope to resign in six hundred years. He cites poor health as his reason. I guess if you're the Pope, you can't use the excuse that you want to spend more time with your family, huh?
Poor old Pope. I'd be exhausted, just getting up every day and putting on all those robes. And all that jewelry.
Well, bless his heart.
I wonder if the lawsuits starting to come in about the sexual abuse cover up have anything to do with his retirement?
Nah. Of course not.

Is anyone else out there having Google Reader problems? Mine currently says I have 117 unread blog posts. I don't think so. Is the world coming to an end? The Pope is retiring and Google Reader is screwed up? Did Jim Morrison show up at the Grammys last night? Have I missed something?

Huffpost tells me that someone at the Grammys had a serious underboob moment. Underboob? First sideboob and now underboob? Women! Control those things! Or don't. Who doesn't love bosoms?

It's about seventy degrees here in Lloyd. It's supposed to rain all week. Fine with me. I wish it was raining now so I'd have an excuse not to walk but it's not and I don't. I haven't taken a walk in a week. Jeez. I am falling apart. I am breaking down like old tofu. I am more gray-headed and wrinkled by the day. If I don't do something and fast, my next trip to Mexico is going to require Mr. Moon taking me in a carry-on bag. I'll be so soft and squishy and weakly that he'll just be able to shove me in a bag and put me in the overhead bin. Well, it'll save on the price of a ticket.
If I was the Pope, I'd have to resign.

I've got a great attitude today, don't I?
No. No I do not.

Oh well. The world does not give a shit nor should it.

I guess I'll put on my big girl panties and cowboy up, cupcake and get on with it. The trash needs taking. I think I'll get my hair trimmed this week. Is Thursday really Valentine's Day? Is it too late to take pole dancing lessons so I can surprise my husband with a private dancing session?
Yes. Yes it is.

Bless you, my children.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It's never too late for pole dancing classes. I'm just saying. (Not that I've taken any. Or had underboob moments.)

  2. Frankly, I do not understand people's obsession with boobs.

  3. The S Factor is right around the corner from my house. It's where pole dancing became urban chic. I think you're on to something -- you've touched a nerve here in bloggyland. And I've spent far too much time this morning wondering what "under boobs" are.

  4. When one is barely wearing enough fabric to cover them, who doesn't expect a little underboob or sideboob? Of course maybe secretly that is the point. Who knows?

  5. I need big girl panties too, for today.

  6. When you have luscious melons like mine, underboob is a fact of life. Ah, boobies.

  7. haha! I'm sure you could get a few lessons in. There's always the Carmen Electra DVD.

  8. If there is one thing alone you don't have to worry about, that is learning to pole dance. Take heart at this! If everyone got breastfed enough, boob obsession would be a very different thing.

  9. I thought they were, "bottom boobs"? "Underboobs" seems like a place to keep your money, or half a sandwich (size matters for this).

    Either way, if folks would worship boobs instead of the pope, we'd be soooo much better off in this world.

  10. He resigned in Latin. Who does that? Attention whores, that's who.

    You think you're in a mood, I'm in a MOOD. LOL!

    I will be a lone heart on Valentine's. I think I might buy myself some chocolates.

  11. I love you Mary Moon. I have a lot of SHIT going on in my life right now and I don't think I have smiled in days but you not only made me smile but laughed out loud also. And for that I am extremely grateful and say thank you. Your commenters are splendidly funny too. Thanks to all for lightening my load.
    Angie D

  12. Grady doctor- Trust me. No pole dancing for me. Ever.

    Ellen Abbott- I do. I don't know why but I do.

    Elizabeth- Do you suppose that pole dancing helps to open our chakras?

    Kelly- I do not think it is "secretly" at all. I think all of the boob revealings are deliberate.

    Maggie- We all have these days.

    Nancy- Haha! That's awesome!

    Rachel- That's okay.

    Jo- I think people would like boobs even more if they got breastfed. Honestly!
    If that's even possible.

    Magnum- Amen, amen, AMEN!

    heartinhand- That sounds as romantic as what will probably happen around here.

    Angie D- This is the service we provide. Thank you.

  13. Dang. No pole dancing? You got my hopes up there for a second. The pictures would be awesome. You're sure?

    I am actually acquainted with a woman, second wife of one of my contemporaries, who has hair down to her butt and who does pole dancing, in class and at home in her garage. Not sure if it was the long, dark hair or the pole dancing to captured his fancy...

  14. You are very funny. A gray day here in Oregon, but at least now I'm smiling, which was definitely not the case before I came to visit.

  15. Underboob? What?!

    I know what you mean about exercise. I have been walking, but I have largely abandoned my situps and pushups. I really need to start that again, since I HAVE abandoned the gym.

    It just seems like so much WORK, though. *sigh*

  16. pole dancing counts as exercise and you don't need a class. just pretend! the laughter you share? priceless.


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