Sunday, February 24, 2013

No Way. Yes Way.

I give up. Again. But this time for real.
I mean it.
I'm gonna dig a hole and crawl in.

So here's what happened- it was a great night. I was so happy to see all these guys come together that have been playing music since they were in Jr. High together, some of them friends of mine that I hadn't seen in thirty-forty years and it was just a joy. I chatted and I danced with my May and my girlfriends and Mr. Moon and just reveled in the fact that musicians can just keep on going and it's such a beautiful, beautiful thing.

And then.
We were dancing to Dixie Chicken. One of my favorite songs to dance to ever. Not even a fast song. Just a slow, hip moving thing and I moved my hip and I heard and felt something pop in my right hip and baby, that was all she wrote for me.

Nothing's broken. I'm pretty sure of that. I have complete range of motion and there's some swelling at the site but nothing profound and if I'm just sitting or lying down it's okay. Walking is tricky but it can be done. So. I probably popped something out of place and then back in, I guess, I hope, and I iced it all night and I'll ice it all day and most importantly, STAY OFF OF IT and take my Ibuprofen and hope for the best.

But mostly I just feel like I have fallen prey to aging in a new and undeniable way and I hate it.
I mean- I injured myself while standing up and dancing. Just...dancing.
How ridiculous is that?

I'm going to go lay down again. I may or may not ever get up again.

Here's the song that did it.

Love...The Decrepit Ms. Moon


  1. Oh Ms Moon will you be my Dixie Chicken?

    Rest that hip


  2. From one 'flicted person to another, my heart goes out to you and that 'flicted hip of yours. If I recall correctly, didn't dancing cure an injury for you before? Perhaps you should get up and shake a tail feather if you don't feel better in te next couple of days. Yes? No? Hell, I don't know.

    What I do know is that being 'flicted ain't fun. Feel better, sweet Sister Moon. I hope you dance.

  3. I suppose if you're going to injure yourself, dancing is a fun way to do it! I hope you heal quickly. xoxo

  4. Ugh. I'm sorry to hear this. No gardening tiday, and perhaps it's time to download Netflix.

  5. Sounds like it's time for LOTS more martinis on the porch.

  6. Oh crap. Be careful. Do not shun the dr if it gets worse!

  7. Oh dear, oh dear. I fling myself around on the dance floor and hope I don't fall down. But hell. Aging is a humbling thing. And also essentially not fair.

    I hope your healing is swift.

    XXX Beth

  8. Hope this 'fliction doesn't last long. I guess there are worse ways to injure yourself though. Doesn't make it any easier to tolerate, but at least you were having fun when it happened.

  9. Gettin' old ain't for sissies, as my old friend (77) from Graceville always says. I'm crippled up from digging my car out from under 7 inches of snow...much less fun than dancing to Dixie CHicken...

  10. I'm so sorry, but I know how you feel. A couple of years ago I bent over in the yard to pull up a weed. I heard a pop, felt a sharp pain and could hardly breathe. Got an xray and sure enough I had a broken rib. It was awful. Getting old is hard.

  11. Well, when my osteoporotic bones give way I hope it's while I'm dancing.

  12. Oh damnable Mary I am so sorry but you will bounce right up your walking practice will pay off now when you need it most that and your beauty heart.

  13. Ouch, sounds painful!
    This is the third time I've come here today looking for my "Ms Moon fix" I'm glad you're here.
    I think I was about 13 the first time I saw (photo) and heard Emmylou on vinyl. I wanted to be her; beautiful in so many ways.
    Pleased you had a great night out though and I hope you're up and dancing again before long x

  14. Look how young Bonnie Raitt and Emmylou Harris were in that video!!!

    I too am suffering today from soreness and ache. It's a day of rest. Feel better soon!

  15. Well, I'm glad that it popped back in. It sounds like a day of rest for my favorite Floridian! That's a good thing. Feet up, book nearby, a movie on the tube and some Ibuprofen. Take care and keep dancing when your body tells you "Hell Yes".

  16. I did this just by walking. Dancing is much better. But I waited too long and ignored the pain and I am only now getting back to normal. The thing to watch out for is, if you start favoring that hip for too long, it could cause a cascade of other things getting wacky. So please see someone and don't wait as I did.

    Haha I tried to write "aging sucks" and my kindle changed it to "agony ducks."

  17. Oh, yikes! Now I see why you wrote in the next post that your hip feels better. Glad it's improving, anyway!

  18. Damn, Mary. Rest, get well! I hope everything heals quickly.

  19. Michelle- Any day, any time. You know I will.

    Gradydoctor- Ironic, isn't it? Cure one 'fliction through dance, get another via the same pathway. I can't believe it. I like the first part a lot better.

    Lora- I would gladly have skipped that fun.

    Elizabeth- I swear. You're right.

    Kelly M- Soon. You better believe it.

    Jo- I've made an appointment. With a sort-of doctor.

    Beth Coyote- How humiliating to injure oneself while standing upright. I will never truly recover from that part of it.

    Jill- I would rather have injured myself doing something I hate. That way I would gladly forswear ever doing whatever that was again.

    Akannie- See above.

    Lois- I know. It's like, "Can you even BELIEVE this shit?" No. Is the answer.

    Ellen Abbott- Keep dancing. It might happen.

    Madame King- Your words send strength to my bones. Yes.

    Nicol- Oh dear. I am afraid I am.

    Bugerlugs- Emmy Lou was/is an angel. I think.

    heartinhand- I wish I could comment on your blog. I love it so.

    Nancy- I will. I know I will.

    Syd- I love that you called me your favorite Floridian. Simply love it.

    Angella- Aging sucks agony ducks. Haha! Your words were what pushed me to call the joint/PT guy. So. Thank you. I am sure my body thanks you as well.

    Steve- Don't get old. And dance crazy.

    Rachel- I am really trying to let things heal. I am. Thank you, sugar.


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