Monday, February 11, 2013

It's drizzling and I've had a full day and I took my damn vitamins and supplements and I had my walk and so yes, I guess my plan to Be Recovered by today has worked out well enough but now, it is so time for bed.
So time.
Let us all sleep. Let us all dream of pleasant things, kisses that taste like rapture and spearmint gum, bears who look at us with eyes both sorrowful and wise and who speak to us of the ancient times, how we felt when we were kids and got new shoes and could almost, almost fly and could definitely run forever, raindrops on roses and so forth.
I'll bet that tomorrow I'll be able to take a picture of just that. Raindrops on roses.
I know you can't wait.



  1. Yep. You are right. I cannot wait!

  2. You are recovered indeed. I'm in the 5th season of West Wing. I would like to live with Josiah Bartlett's administration.

    At least this pope is gone. I wish he'd take the Vatican with him. Just fold up the tent and go home. Or like Atlantis, sink beneath the sea. Blub blub.

    XXX Beth your friendly midwife

  3. So much horrific stuff in the news these days -- from the Catholic church to the Boy Scouts to the deranged ex-cop here in L.A. that is out to kill other cops and so on. I'm hoping for sleep without any dreams of anything but maybe kisses that taste like rapture and raindrops on roses. That's nice. S. Jo


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