Monday, February 4, 2013

I Have A Questioning Nature And May One Day Smoke Opium

Honest to god. I don't think I have a damn thing to talk about today. This may be a first.

I was going to discuss Facebook and what a complete waste of time it is but that's pretty obvious. Do you suppose that there are people who actually make a living creating those motivational or humorous thingees with pictures of mountain vistas or women drinking wine at ten in the morning? Do we really know if any of those quotes attributed to everyone from the Dali Lama to Mark Twain are accurate? Do we care? Do we care if someone believes that god is a force in their life? Do we believe that Splenda is going to kill us? Does anyone not know that eating double cheeseburgers is probably not good for us?
My favorite "friend" on Facebook is the Rolling Stones. I'm not kidding you.
Okay. This came from Facebook. It's sort of funny.

Also, I do love some people's posts. When they write stuff themselves. My friend Togi, who is a friend in real life as well as in Facebook World writes things like this:

One of my deepest fears has always been that I would awake one day from a week long bender to discover that I had somehow been elected into office.
Facebook is the tool I use to ensure that never happens.

This is a great reason to be on Facebook but I'm pretty sure that 
(a) I'm never going to go on a week long bender, and
(b) I am never going to be elected to anything at all.

And I have to admit that I do enjoy some of the pictures that my friends post. Here's a great picture of Billy at work:

That's him on the left. 

Yeah. I spend way too much time on Facebook. Lurking. I think Hank was right when he said that the internet was invented for two reasons:
Watching cat videos and porn.
I've never watched porn online. What is wrong with me? Do I really think that GOD is watching me? That if I die someone is going to check out the history on my computer's internet searches and be shocked, SHOCKED I TELL YOU! that I watched internet porn? Once? 
Maybe I need more hormones. 

Do you realize I haven't left Lloyd since last Wednesday? That's crazy! I'm going to see my grandsons today though, come hell or high water. I think. Lily and I have an errand to run. I can't talk about it because it involves a secret. A wedding secret. I believe I am feeling well enough to go to town to deal with this wedding secret and to see my boys. I miss them bad.

I wonder if I'll wear the black dress when I go to town today. Probably. I wonder if I can wear that dress to Jessie's wedding. I could spiff it up with some lace or something. Right? It would be more appropriate than overalls.

Okay. That's enough of that.
Yeah, yeah, it's another beautiful day in Lloyd. I had weird dreams and woke up about fifteen times. At least. My next door neighbors finally turned off that light that shines into my bedroom at two a.m. I almost cried from relief. No. I still haven't put up curtains or blinds and Mr. Moon hasn't put up a privacy fence, both options we have discussed but will probably never get around to. I'm never going to smoke opium either, most likely although I am keeping that option on the table.
If I ever do smoke opium, I'm going to tell the world on Facebook.

Or maybe not.

Happy Monday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Good morning. Glad to see things are still in order down there in Florida! Billy's picture even cracked me up.

  2. I love facebook for the glimpses i get into the lives of my children who have not yet perfected the art of only posting things that make them look good and perfect to the world. maybe it's a generational thing and i appreciate it. on the other hand, i worry about them getting a job at some point in the future since rumor has it potential employers now check out people's facebook pages. what is that thing my mother used to say? sufficient unto the day.

  3. I read a lot of news articles related to things I am interested in that are posted on FB and I keep up with the glass art world and artists as well. plus I have some friends that post pictures of art from all over which I also like. occasionally I'll participate in a discussion or exchange of opinions on certain topics. it's better than watching TV anyway.

  4. I have no trouble lurking on Facebook, posting on Facebook and then leaving Facebook. And the Hide button works great.

  5. A few years ago, my boyfriend and I were doing long distance for like 3 years ... believe you me I watched my fair share of illicit internet material...

  6. If you do smoke it, please tell me at least, because I want to know what it's like. :-)

    Hugs to everyone.

  7. I hate FB. I've seen several studies showing that it makes us feel depressed, anxious, and inferior. Yet I keep using it anyway. All the social events here are organized on FB and I'm afraid of missing out. I'm not that social, however, so maybe I should give it up for good.

    Twitter. Now that's a fun time.

    I'm sorta new here and don't know who Billy is, but that picture is wonderful.

  8. Jill- I want Billy to start his own blog so bad. He's so funny and smart. Cute, too, as you can see.

    Angella- Facebook is a strange new thing, isn't it? It's great in some ways and scary as hell in others. And dumb and stupid in yet others. Well, brave new world, etc.

    Ellen Abbott- I must say your FB friends are probably more, uh, serious and cultured than most of mine.

    Elizabeth- Oh, that button is always on for me.

    Rachel- Haha! I love you!

    Ms. Fleur- You know I would.

    Vesuvius At Home- I have NO social life so I can't claim that excuse. Billy is one of my best friends. He is my son's best friend, I do believe they would say. He is...well, he is Charming Billy. I've known him since he was a child and now he's grown up and married to the lovely Shayla and they have a son, Waylon. Billy makes an appearance here fairly frequently.

  9. No FB here. I couldn't take the BS that is written by the tea party right wing nuts that I might know. I don't want to know how idiotic they are. I have a bad enough view of mankind now without having additional confirmation on FB.

  10. I love how you managed to write about Facebook while professing to decide not to write about it. Ha! As for that light, I'd buckle down and just put up some blinds or a window shade. That has GOT to be annoying.

  11. Well, If the studies are right and Facebook makes us feel depressed, anxious and inferior . . . Opium might be a good idea.
    I'm trying to work out what the tattoo on Billy's arm is.
    I love that you write even when you think you haven't a damn thing to talk about x

  12. Yup, I believe in the evils of Aspartame, I'm not going to apologise for that. And I have a lot of friends who worship at the altar of diet Coke.

  13. I found out about my mom's death through Facebook. Seriously. Worst feeling ever. Oddly enough, it lost it's charm after that so I deleted my account.
    Every so often, I'll creep my hubby's FB and then it dawns on me that between the two of us, we know a lot of morons. HAH!

    (I feel like I'm going on and on about my mom in my comments on your blog...)


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