Friday, February 8, 2013


Today Owen did a puzzle all by himself. And not only was it a fairly complex puzzle but the pieces of it were all mixed together in a box with three other puzzles. Okay, sure, all the puzzle pieces are coded on the bottom with little symbols to designate which puzzle they belonged to.
I do not want to tell you how long it took me to figure this out the day I "helped" him put one of these puzzles together. And even after you figure it out, there's a lot of sorting involved before you can even begin to fit the pieces together.

Here he is. My puzzle-doin' grandson, Owen. Three years old. With his puzzle. Which is one of those words that the more you think about it, the odder it becomes.

There is nothing odd about Owen. He is splendid.


  1. Love that kid. Seeing your life through this blog is a chance to see love and goodness.

  2. Yes he is. Maybe it is turning 3 but Kyle has been doing lots and lots of puzzles lately. He is like Owen and taking care of business all by himself after we helped him a few times. It is amazing how quickly they pick things up. Have a great weekend.

  3. He is a magnificent man cub. And a rockstar puzzler to boot. :-)

  4. He might be brilliant. Probably is brilliant. And not because he's yours. Just because.

    XX Beth

  5. I agree with Jill. Your relationship with your grandkids is just pure love. S. Jo

  6. It is the old preschool teacher in me that loves when I hear about 3 year old's doing puzzles. With so many kids watching TV and playing video games it is refreshing to know that a child that young is taking the time to slow down, concentrate and do a puzzle!

  7. Your pride in him is glowing! I love it!

  8. i second what birdie said- there is no better cognitive/ fine motor task for a 3-6 year old than a puzzle-

    it's sad that they are being left by the wayside in many pre-k and k classrooms-


    ps so glad you are feeling better!

  9. It's a skill you are born with I think. Doing puzzles. For some people it's a joy and a challange. Others just get bored. One of my twin grandgirls is like that. Very good at puzzles.

  10. Wow, good job Owen! Inherited intelligence, no doubt.

    Glad you and the Mr are on the road to recovery.
    x0 N2


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