Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Raindrops On Flowers Of Various Sorts. No Whiskers On Kittens, However

 All right. I did my best. I got a few raindrops on a rose

And on some azaleas

And camellias.

It's almost like the camera can't handle the color of the some of the flowers around here. It goes into some sort of hyper-drive psychedelic mode. 

So. I slept. I stayed in my bed all night long. And I feel like I've accomplished an impossible goal. 
Obviously, my bar is set pretty low right now. 

Well, Barely Adequate Woman says, "That's okay." 

I am going to try and get my hair trimmed today. I am, I believe, in the running for Grandmother-With-The-Longest-Hair-In-The-USA at the moment, which is fine with me but it needs trimming up. And I am going to pick up some jewelry I have had repaired or restrung or tightened and I am going to go to Costco with Lily and the boys. 
This, to me, sounds like a practically perfect day. 

One of the pieces of jewelry I am picking up is a bracelet which was in my mother's jewelry box since I was a small child and it always fascinated me. It has three large faces of Bacchus on it and a small Diana (I think) and a small Pan. I always thought it was silver but the jeweler I took it to said it was mostly nickel and that it looks as if it were made in Europe. I cannot for the life of me figure out where it might have come from. Mother never wore it. It never had a clasp on it as far as I can remember. Anyway, I will wear it. The Pagan Bracelet From Europe with mysterious origins. 

It is raining. It is warm. It is lovely. I slept. 

I hope you did too.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You have no idea how lovely it is for this Canadian to see a raindrop-laden flower. All I see is white snow and it's all I will see for another couple of months. The flowers remind me that spring will eventually come!
    I slept too. Feels great.

  2. Those pictures just warm my heart.

    I love the sound of your pagan bracelet. I have a little Frida Kahlo that I wear around my neck like a true charm. Like armor.

  3. Watch out for your dreams when you have it on :)

  4. A bracelet can be so nice to wear... I am not a jewel person, but can't often resist a bracelet. And especially if it would be that intriguing as the one you have from your mom! Great idea to have it clasped again.

  5. I like the sound of that bracelet.

  6. I had a bracelet my dad gave to my mother. It was from Thailand and had various dancing figures on it. Also a mystery. I gave it to a daughter. She can make up her own story and so it goes.


  7. Flowers! Bracelets! Pagans! Some of my favorite things.

  8. Heartinhand- I swear to you, I think insomnia is celestially controlled. There are too many of us who suffer it at the same time and who are relieved of it at the same time for it not to be.

    Vesuvius- I am perhaps overly fond of my Virgin of Guadalupes which I wear around my neck. They too, are a sort of protection even though I don't really believe that for a moment.

    Jo- Mmmmm....

    Photocat- It is a nice bracelet. I am glad to have it.

    Ms. Fleur- It's kind of cool.

    Beth- Yes. Perfect.

    Denise- We are of similar nature.

    Billy- Which is why I like it so much!

  9. My camera has trouble with floral yellows, blues and purples -- it sometimes fails to record the colors correctly. It drives me crazy, actually.

  10. Beautiful flowers. Spring is almost here. And yet it is still Feb. So weird. I think that all the folks who don't believe in global climate change should be sent to Texas where they can all live in great harmony with guns and fiery tales of secession.

  11. Haven't lived with a puppy head for years. The day you channeled this message, what did I get unexpectedly?
    Adorable german shepherd


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