Friday, February 22, 2013

God Bless Us. Yes. It Is Raining

Child, it has been raining here all day. It's been beyond beautiful. I laid down and slept for awhile to the orchestra of rain and blackbirds singing. It was a holy sleep. It was gorgeous.

I figured out that what I needed to do today when the rain started coming was to rest. And so I did. I mailed invitations and I did laundry and I washed sheets and put them back on the beds and I read some.

And then, when Mr. Moon came home, we had a martini on the porch with the rain falling down beside us and we took inventory of the blessings of our life and we determined together that It Was Good.

It's still raining and Mr. Moon is peeling shrimp and I'm going to cook some of that and the scallops for our dinner. I have pesto thawed out from the freezer from last summer and I'll cook some pasta to rest the seafood on. The church next door is cranking out some sort of music and it's loud enough that I can hear the bass over the rain.

Here. I've posted this before. But. It's perfect.

The rain fall down.


  1. Oh my gawd. Guess what I made for dinner tonight? Shrimp pesto pasta. I have never made this meal before, but that's what I was craving, and so that's what I made.

    How connected are we?! hehe. I love you.

  2. Honeyluna- I am totally shocked and I am not shocked at all. Our supper was really good. How was yours?

  3. OMG...John and I watched Jeopardy tonight (don't judge us!) and the category was something like Great Drummers of the '60's...the $400 answer...

    keeping you in suspense...

    still keeping you...

    Charlie Watts!!!

  4. It sounds perfect. I wish I had a porch I could have a martini on. (We have a balcony, but I'm not sure both of us could fit on it at the same time. Certainly not sitting down.)

  5. lulumarie- We watch Jeopardy almost every night! I like it when it's the high school competitions because I actually know some of the answers. Ha! Charlie Watts- yes- should have been the Daily Double!

    Steve- I have so many porches. I am filthy rich in porches!

    Denise- It really was.

  6. I watch Jeopardy every night too! The Tournament of Champions? Anyone but Colby, that dude annoys me.

    Rain sounds so sexy. Sadly all I have is snow. Snow is not sexy. Especially in month five or six. Ugh.

  7. The rain is pouring. We are making soup. I woke up early wondering if my cousin was still alive. I would like to have seen him to say goodbye. I expect a call at any time to tell me that he is gone. And the rain just keeps on falling.

  8. heartinhand- I could not deal with snow. No way, no how.

    Syd- Man. That is so hard.

  9. I shit you not, that Rolling Stones song came on the radio just as I got to the end of your post. Weird. Rain sounds lovely. I'm with heart in hand, only snow here, which I hate.


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