Friday, February 8, 2013

Pathetic Whining And News You Can Use

Okay. This is growing tiring. Mr. Moon is still having gastric distress and I still ache. Sleeping is not going well. The people next door seem to want their lights on all night long now. All their lights. All night long. Yes. I can put up a more-substantial curtain or blinds. No, I do not want to because the cool air coming in the window is my savior.
There is no reason to keep lights burning all night long unless someone is having a baby and no one has a baby every night. I do not think they are having a baby every night.

Yes, yes, we are at the grumpy phase of this illness which, I guess, is a good sign.
We had talked yesterday about maybe taking off and running away and getting a room at the beach today if we felt better. Instead, I think we may feel about good enough to play some Monopoly or something. The sky continues to remain gray. It is warmish, which I suppose is a good thing but it's disturbing, too. The azaleas are starting to thrust their hot-pink frills forth from their green dresses in earnest. I suppose the dogwoods will be next and then the bamboo will start to plunge itself upwards from the ground and we will begin our annual ritual of Kick The Bamboo, thus preventing it from taking over our yard. This is a strangely satisfying thing to do and Owen will be old enough this year to actually participate.

I miss my grandsons.

I read that New England is about to get some monster storm. Blizzard. Whatever. Down here a Blizzard is a Dairy Queen confection. Do they have Dairy Queens up north? I've never had a Blizzard nor have I ever been in a blizzard and both of those facts are just fine with me.

Blah, blah, blah.

I have things to do and I should be doing them and yet, the idea of doing almost anything overwhelms me. I spent possibly an entire hour last night reading an article in the New Yorker about a woman who killed a bunch of coworkers. I did not plan on spending an hour of my life reading an article about a woman who killed a bunch of coworkers. I had no idea the article was one-third of the entire magazine. I was already so invested in the damn thing by the time I realized how long it was that I was loathe to stop reading it. I wish I had. There was nothing there I need to know. People can be crazy. This happens. Yes. I am aware.

I am washing my sheets today. I have resigned from the Gallup Panel. I want to eat bacon and eggs but feel this would be a mistake. Mr. Moon just ate a bowl of Cheerios with yogurt. Not very happily. Last night I actually ate a chicken pot pie. I don't need to do that again for another twenty years or so. It wasn't nearly as good as I remembered chicken pot pie from the freezer section of your grocery store being.

There is a woman on The Shahs of Sunset who claims in her tag piece that she "excludes" sexuality. She also claims that she graduated from law school. I think that instead of "excludes" she may have meant "exudes" and also that she may have actually graduated from "bra" school. Such things are easily confused.

Yes. I have been watching more Bravo TV.
No, I am not ashamed and don't you judge me.

My mother's banking establishment just called. They need another death certificate. I suppose this means I need to go to town. Is this even possible?
February is not going so well so far.

Despite all of this, happy Friday, y'all. If you are going to be affected by that blizzard, please take care and report in regularly if possible.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Uh, you need to get a Blizzard from DQ. They are amazing. Please don't let another year past before you complete this now-item on your bucket list.

    I have been in a nor'easter in Boston, and I'll never forget eating carryout italian and canolis in a studio apartment, watching more snow than I've ever seen before or since pile up. I loved it.

  2. She exudes some fake boobs.
    The weather is beautiful here today. I really cannot imagine the blizzard that will be going on up North.

  3. I am glad you are on the mend. It's very hard to figure out what to eat, what will sit well in your stomach after what you've been through. Good luck with that. I am still amazed that you had nine years without a single vomit episode. I think my record since the kids is two, maybe in two decades. You can whine away, you've been through a revolting and miserable experience.

    That photo? The eyebrows bother me more than the fake boobs!

    Feel better, and SJ is right, a DQ bizzard is amazing. I'm off to wrangle the snow blower and clear the latest actual blizzard off my driveway, if the arthritis in my shoulders will cooperate. I really need to move south!!!

  4. Hey,

    Sorry about the neighbors... Not sure what's up with that. I left all the curtains up too, which seem to be not helping either. sigh. So sorry! How about I send her an email? I can be discreet. Let me know.

    I think a trip to town may make you feel a little better. I hope so.

  5. They certainly have Blizzards and Blizzards up north. But some of them close for the winter because apparently when it's cold no one wants to eat ice cream. Go figure. They did that in Montana too. But here in Phoenix and Oklahoma and any place warm they are open forever and ever and ever.
    Sometimes if you have eye sex with the people making the blizzards they give you more peanut butter cups. It's a good tip to know.

    Feel better, god almighty, feel better soon!

  6. She does seem to be graduating out of her bra, alright.

    I hope your recovery gets faster!

    How many death certs can one human person have?

    1. Jo - omg, graduating out of her bra just about made me spit out my afternoon coffee. Thank you!

  7. There is indeed a blizzard happening here. I am inside and cozy. Bravo TV sounds like a fine idea on a day like this.

  8. Luv DQ blizzards with extra butter-finger..have been assured that they have no calories!!! ha! I also have a neighbor that leaves their backyard lights on all night...I've been cranky about this too. Guess her electric bill is lower than mine.

  9. It seems that February is trying to kill everyone, no matter who I talk to. I did have a premonition about 2013, that there would be a real need to hang on tight. I thought it was just for me, but who knows. Bra school, you crack me up. I've been in plenty blizzards and eaten plenty, as well. But you do make me want to move to Florida, and I've forbidden us from moving anywhere that has winter, ever again.

    Except Paris, of course.

    Could one of you boil a whole chicken for soup?

  10. I too can answer at least one of your burning questions. There are dairy queens up north. In fact DQ started in MN. Butterfinger blizzard num num num. I have a neighbor with an overactive light too. I have fantasies of shooting it with a bb gun.

    I legitimately exclude sexuality and look nothing like that woman :)

  11. You've lived through a tropical storm or hurricane, so you basically know what a blizzard is like. It just involves snow instead of rain.

    I've been sick right along with you and Mr. Moon. Glad we're all slowly getting better - I can't remember the last time something knocked me out this long!

  12. The azaleas are starting to thrust their hot-pink frills forth from their green dresses in earnest -- beautiful. And excluding sex and bra school too. I can see that your superb writing skills and humor have been left unscathed thru your illness. S. Jo

  13. They need ANOTHER death certificate? One wasn't good enough?

    I have friends who rave about DQ blizzards, but I've never experienced the magic. And I've tried a few blizzards in my time.

    That woman -- good grief.

  14. We have DQ Blizzards here in northern Canada. I always get a Moolatte though, I like single-handed snacks. LOL!


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