Monday, February 27, 2012

Owen Meets Fabio

When we walked into the office, he saw the six-foot tall cut-out and had a moment of extreme...shyness? I think. He doesn't really look afraid. Slightly amused. But shy.

He figured out pretty quickly that Fabio is a lightweight.

And then he got on a chair to explore the upper regions. Went right for the nipple.
Yeah, me too. That thing looks REAL.

It was a hoot. What Owen mostly wanted to do was to stick a tack into Fabio. Wherever he could. I would not let him. Hell no! That's MerMer's Fabio!

Owen and I had a good day. We got a lot of playing done. Fed the chickens and got the eggs. Fed the mule next door with some Cheerios. Found a marble in the yard that the rain had revealed. I always love to find new old treasures in this yard. I wondered about the child who might have owned that marble, the games he or she might have played. The kid probably fed chickens, too.

I doubt he or she touched Fabio's nipple though. However, one cannot assume anything.
Anything at all can happen in this big world.

Anything we can imagine and a hell of a lot that we can't.


  1. I can't believe you have a life-size Fabio cut out! Hilarious...and awesome! I have a Fabio in my life too; my Lipizzaner gelding. His mane and tail rival the real Fabio's. Ha ha ha!

  2. I am sure Owen is never, ever going to forget Fabio. Even when he has grandchildren of his own he won't forget. One can't forget things like that!

  3. I love it. Fabio is endlessly fascinating, no matter the age.

  4. He looks so very big here! Such a good lookin' guy. Owen not Fabio. :)

  5. Sounds like a marvelous day! Love that you got a lot of playing done, those are always a good day!

  6. It's probably for the best that there are things we can't imagine... How funny to see Owen his reaction to Fabio. Maybe Fabio will be a role model for the rest of Owen's life... ;o))

  7. You have an amazing blog. Love Owen, and Fabio.

  8. I love how you and owen play. That's the stuff he will cherish forever.

  9. Fabio is kind of creepy up close like that. I don't blame Owen.

  10. Tamara- Great name for a horse but I think it would make Fabio happier were it a stallion.

    Birdie- I hope I haven't fucked him up for life.

    Elizabeth- Well, I think so.

    Rubye Jack- He is getting bigger every second. I swear.

    Simply Me- It's hard not to have a day like that with Owen.

    Photocat- Yikes!

    messymimi- Thanks for coming by!

    Angella- I am his willing servant and playmate.

  11. Syd- Kind of creepy and kind of REALLY COOL!

  12. 'Anything at all can happen in this big world.

    Anything we can imagine and a hell of a lot that we can't.'

    Mary Moon you are so right on!

  13. Bahhahaha! What do you pin on Fabio in a game of 'pin the xxxxx on the Fabio'!?

    I'd poke his nipple too, I@m sure of it.

  14. what a lucky boy....what a lovely day!!

  15. Marbles and Cheerios and nipples and eggs. What a day. Round-ish things to make the world go round.


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