Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Sunday In Lloyd, Florida

Well the storm did come and I went to sleep with the sound of rain pouring down and I didn't wake up at all as far as I know. Well, I did wake up this morning, of course. This is not the ghost of me writing this.

It has been recently pointed out to me that my world is very, very small. This was supposed to be either an insult or an example of how pathetic I am but whatever was meant, it's just the damn truth.

I do have a small world, albeit one without fucking dolls singing about it, dressed in The Costumes Of Peoples All Over The World.

(Fairly unrelated segue- why did Disney World eliminate Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and yet keep It's A Small World? That decision alone says more about Disney World than just about anything I could imagine.)

So I went out this morning, into my small world, which has been washed clean and left with a bountiful plenty of water and yet, very little damage that I can see. A GOOD storm indeed! Here's my rain gauge:

If you click on it, you'll see a reflection of some more of my small world. Also, bits of straw that I cleaned from the hen house. There's probably some chicken shit in there too.
An entire world in a Rubbermaid garden cart! Okay, okay, it's not an entire world. I admit it.

The wisteria is starting to get fuzzy at the ends. Sure sign of coming-attractions. Boy-oh-boy, I can't wait for the wisteria to bloom. I feel slightly intoxicated, just thinking about that.

And now this, I cannot believe.

That's a pecan, y'all! Do you know what that means? Well, if Old Wives and Aged Gardeners are to be trusted, that means we won't get another freeze. I have NEVER seen the pecans start to swell with leaf in February.
Should I be putting out my tomatoes and peppers already? Hell, I just got the cabbages in!

And here's Miss Trixie on the nest.

Now that's a face which does not invite under-body inspection for eggs. Nah. I'm going to just let her be. But I have to tell you- her barky-face is worse than her nip.

So that's my Sunday offering of images of a small world. I can't even believe it was only one week ago that Jessie and Vergil were here and we spent Sunday working outside and it was chilly but the sun felt so good on us and I made soup and Lily and Owen came over and we all gathered in the dining room and Owen ate about half a loaf of bread. It's been a busy week. For me. A rehearsal, two performances, Owen here two days, our Valentine's adventure to Spring Creek for supper, Mr. Moon off to Bradenton, some garden work, pruning of the rose bushes, shopping with Lily for the new baby and a visit to Costco AND the grocery store.
For me that's huge. HUGE I tell you.

I think I better take a walk today. I think I better eat a salad. If y'all came by I'd have an excuse to cook a ham with brown sugar and pineapple slices; also potato salad and biscuits.
It's still mighty windy out there and if you DID come over for Sunday, we'd all have to hold our hats on to our heads with one hand while eating potato salad with the other. Our skirts would blow and ruffle and bits of bark and perhaps even bugs would land in the butter and we'd laugh and chatter and maybe take turns talking about the infinite and the tiny and what all that means or doesn't mean.
We could trade recipes and run after babies while the great beards of the Spanish Moss in the oak trees would blow over our heads like those of old men as they wagged their chins and talked about things they have seen and done and pass the rum, do you remember? and all the while the wisteria would be swelling silently, the pecans too and we could watch the Jesus bugs striding over the water in the little algae-filled pond, everywhere we looked a damn miracle under the blue sky of the dome of heaven and Elvis would crow our sermon and it would sound like, "I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive!"


  1. A small world? Hmmm. I happen to love my small world! I love that my city doesn't have sky scrapers or a freeway. I love that in my world I have a bookstore I can go to that isn't a Big Box conglomerate. I know the cashiers at the grocery store I have shopped at for over 20 years. I love that when I go to the pharmacy the pharmacist doesn't have to ask me my name. I love that I can get around my city without a map (most of the time). I love that my papa lives 5 minutes away. In my small world I can visit the cemetery where all my relatives are buried. I love that there is more than one road named after my relatives. I love that children and I were born in the same hospital (my son and I in the same room). I love that I have friends that I met in kindergarten.
    What is not to love about a small world?

  2. your world is very large mary, large enough to welcome me in, and i am so glad of it. happy sunday!

  3. The fact that you can write of your "small world" in a way that keeps us coming back again and again for more is a testament of your immense talent and also that a large world is not necessary for a complete life. Because you SEE your world in a way that most of us simply don't.

    Thank you.

  4. Beautiful, this made me cry out loud. How come that's not a hip appreviation like LOL?
    Love you dear dear Ms Moon, writer of all writers.

  5. Okay, now it's time for me to plant everything! I'm glad you put that picture of the pecan tree up, because I would have never known.

  6. Living in a small world sounds good to me. Who needs the big city? All of us happy in a small world are happy people. In my book. A small world can be very comforting and safe. I sure as hell don't need a big world. My day only has 24 hours... fficeyo some

  7. I see your "small" world as being all about family and community and giving back. What more should a person's world consist of? It's got nothing to do with big cities or small towns or a cosmopolitan world, but everything to do with love and living life to the fullest.

  8. I worried about your small world last night when our weather forecaster put a tornado symbol right on top of Lloyd. Glad it only filled your wheelbarrow.

  9. Wysteria hysteria! Spring fever! I swear the birds were singing their spring songs at dawn this morning. My blueberries have a zillion buds.

  10. gorgeous writing.gorgeous.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

  11. OK, I'm puttin' on a skirt and comin' right over for Sunday dinner! I think we'd have a fabulous potluck in Mary's small world, wind or no wind. x0 N2

  12. Small schmall. I'd rather have a small, intimate, personal world than a big world full of superficial fluff.

    And, oh, I'm comin' over for Sunday dinner. Ha ha ha!

  13. Your life is full. How is that small? I like that I don't jet set around. You are living life large.

  14. Birdie- To tell you the truth, I think my small world meant that I'm so selfish I don't give enough thought to the rest of the world. Or something like that. Whatever. I freely admit I love my small world. I freely admit I'm selfish when it comes to that.

    Angella- With my openest arms.

    Jeannie- I am so grateful that people come back. I don't quite understand that but I sure am glad.

    Bethany- You're so damn precious. I've been using your tiny vase for white violets. That brings me such sweetness. And The Little Red Hen Makes A Pizza is one of the very few books that Owen will tolerate me reading to him. Which sure makes me happy because I love that book.

    Jon- Hey! The pecan leaves could be lying. But if they are, so what? You'll just lose some plants. You can always replant, right?

    Photocat- I don't even take advantage of all of LLOYD! God.

    Rubye Jack- I live life to the fullest that I am capable of which compared to many (if not most) is pretty darn small but it is what it is and I love it.

    Joanne- I know! I saw those tornado warnings but the wind never did get too bad. I was surprised.
    Thanks for worrying about me.

    Denise- My blueberries hover on the verge of death all the time. They don't get enough sun or water. The water I could do something about but I don't. Poor things. I'm glad you have some. I hope you get tons of fruit this year.

    deb- I sure am enjoying it!

    N2- It's a beautiful fantasy and you know, in a way, it's very real in my mind, all of us together.

    Tamara- Do you like collard greens?

    Syd- It's as big as I can handle, I'll tell you that.

  15. My world is pretty small too. But it's about as big as I can keep up with as it is! So much happens every day. Right now the ocotillos are just flame-tipped, about to bloom. And the backyard wildlife circus is new every day. And the light, and the sun on the mountains. It takes about all my noticing to keep up with it.

  16. "I do have a small world, albeit one without fucking dolls singing about it, dressed in The Costumes Of Peoples All Over The World."

    No, you have us! hahaha!

    Seriously, we love your world.

  17. Oh, I should write a poem about the elevator jammed between floors last Thursday evening (for 45 minutes, with the lights flashing outside the elevator doors) and afterward walking out were a very married couple, smiling as they went to their respective classrooms.

    I bet they got married in 1973.

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