Thursday, February 9, 2012

Best Boys In The World

All pictures taken at six a.m. this morning.

You know, I did not win the Daddy lottery for myself. And when it got to the Stepfather lottery, well, that was even worse. If you can even compare a murderous drunk to a sexual abuser.
Who was addicted to Codeine.

But. The balance has definitely been tipped in my favor over the years. My first husband had his issues (and so did I) but he has remained a stalwart friend over the years and a good father to his children. And then I met Mr. Moon. And of course I had my Hank. And then Owen came along. And of course there's Jason, Lily's husband and Vergil, Jessie's fella.
Not to mention men like Billy and Lon and so many more who are a part of my life and blessings, every one.

And yeah, I'd say I got the golden ticket.

But even before all of that, I had a friend back in high school. We had a short romance but we have had a long, long friendship. Forty years or more. He has been married for thirty-something years and has three sons and three grandchildren and I've been married to Mr. Moon for almost twenty-eight years and we have one grandchild and another on the way so we've all been busy in our family-ways and of course all that life has gone on but here we are- still friends and that just makes me feel so lucky.

We always say that he gave me Bob Dylan and I gave him the Rolling Stones. I'm still trying to give him Bruce Springsteen but he ain't buying.

Anyway, he had some Guardian Ad Litem work to do at the Capitol today and so he spent the night with us last night and it was just a tremendously good time. Mr. Moon made martinis and I made a venison meatloaf with bacon on it and mashed potatoes with garlic and collard/mustard/turnips from the garden and bread.

We didn't stay up too late, we weren't too crazy, but it was so terrific. Mr. Moon even washed the dishes so K and I could talk, which we did for as long as our tiredness would let us.

And then we all got up before five-thirty this morning which was when Owen was due to arrive and boy, did he! He was yoo-hooing everything when he got out of the car and wanted his train tent set up and he was as happy and awake as I can possibly imagine a human being being at such an ungodly hour. He ate his cheese toast and I made K. and egg sandwich and then Bop and Mer and Owen went back to bed and the boy settled right down and we all went back to sleep and what a lovely thing that was.
Owen and I slept until after ten, which is completely unheard of but dammit, I needed it and I guess he did too.
And I really hate to admit this, but I think I'm coming down with a cold which is just DANDY, tonight being opening night for the play.

But hell, I'll suck it up. And Mr. Moon continues to be my hero by staying home today to help with the boy so I can study lines and get rest which has made Owen very happy. "Bop, come on!" he says and Bop crawls into the Thomas The Tank Engine Tent which is about forty sizes too small for him.

Ah, damn. My fortune is overwhelming to me sometimes, my luck unbelievable.

Now. Off to study lines.

And Jessie and Vergil will be in tonight.

That's it from Lloyd.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I was on the porch when I saw Glen and some men looking at the barn area. I was stricken with the thought that you may be tearing the ole girl down. Glad you are not. I love it.

    You made reference to the Golden ticket... We have done nothing with Harley the past month but read and/or watch the original Willie Wonka. That kid wants to be Charlie Bucket more than anything on this earth!

    Break a leg tonight! (Not literally, of course.)
    xoxo m

  2. Oh, break a leg, Dear Ms. Moon! I can't wait to hear how the play goes and I'm crossing my fingers that your cold stays at bay.

  3. Jessie and Vergil are coming! Jessie and Vergil are coming!! For how long?

    I know you will knock 'em dead, lady love! A li'l ol' cold can't keep you down! Break the proverbial leg (not the actual one)!

    Love to all Moons!


  4. Break a leg. Yay Jessie and Vergil!!!

    And a cold might just give your voice an extra little sexy roughness -- good for your character ;)

  5. Life can be good - if we can leave the bad bits of the past, in the past.

  6. I love your man. I love men who are good and true and treat their women like QUEENS, because we are. Queens. Sp you can tell Mr Moon for me that he's the cats pajamas in my book.

    Best tonight. cold or no cold.

    XXX Beth

  7. you do indeed have wonderful wonderful men in your life. i've known many women who have survived childhood abuse by fathers or uncles and have never been able to move past it in order to have loving relationships with the men in their lives. Bravo to you for embracing the good after such ugliness!

    Hope you don't get a cold -- and, yes, break a leg!

  8. Can't wait to hear how it went!

    Great photos. Owen is one blessed boy.

  9. I think that you have a great life. And good people in it.


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