Friday, February 24, 2012


When Mother said "that daughter of yours" she couldn't remember Lily's name. That's all. It wasn't an insult. She truly does care about Lily and this coming baby and adores Owen.
I wanted to make that very clear.
It's just names...she has a hard time with them.
As do I a lot of the time...


  1. Ms. Moon, your last post was a treasure. As I read it I was transported to To Kill a Mockingbird in which Jem and Scout had to walk by Mrs. Dubose's house, a cantankerous old lady, who'd shout at them. Jem got mad and ripped up her camellias (ahem--who else has those?). Atticus made them read to her for a month every day--she was trying to get off morphine. When she soon died she had left a single white camellia in a box for Jem.

    You are doing a fantastic job of being in the middle of two generations all living in the same town.

  2. I didn't think she was being mean. I have a hard time remembering names too.

  3. I totally relate. Names have always been a challenge for me and it seems to be getting worse lately.

  4. Bless your Mom's heart. I forget names all the time and I am only in my 40's. It must be a bitch to get old and forget names of your grandchildren.
    A few years back I worked a a lady every single day and she could never remembered my name. But every time she saw me her face lit up and she smiled. Love is deeper than memory.

  5. I read "that daughter of yours" as "that special someone of yours" and didn't even think she didn't remember the name. I just thought she was saying how special she is in a rather endearing manner.

  6. I knew that she didn't remember. It's sad to have the old ones not remember a thing.

  7. Hands down one of my favorite movies ever too!!!


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