Monday, February 13, 2012

And What Dwarf Are You Today? (I'm Sorry If The Word "Dwarf" Is Politically Incorrect. I Can't Keep Up With This Shit)

Jessie and Vergil and Ceelo left and I did cry. It didn't help.
Vergil said he was feeling grouchy today. I said, "Well, I'm Pissy, you're Grouchy, all we need is five more dwarfs."
Jessie said she could be Sleepy and Sneezy. We're almost there.

Ceelo can be Wary.

All I want to do today is stay in bed and I just washed the sheets so I could conceivably put them back on the bed and crawl in but no, no, no, I am going to go to the grocery store because we're out of things like yogurt which is something we do not grow or kill here and don't even talk about keeping a cow or a goat and milking it and making my own.
Not unless someone pays me. Even then, I doubt it.

No. Crying didn't help. Now my eyes just feel fucked up and I have a little crying headache.

Well, here's some camellias.

I guess that helps.


  1. dang mary moon if i got crying headaches i'd be crippled! oh wait i'm already crippled.

  2. You could be weepy and pissy?

    Oh, I am sorry. Those crying headaches are dull and take forever to get rid of.

    I'd just say screw the yogurt today and get myself wrapped up into the clean sheets.

  3. No crying here today. All is okay. The cat and I just had a nap together. Weird dreams though. Hate those.

  4. I am Queasy today. I have had an upset stomach for over a week now. I am also Itchy because my eczema is back. I am also Wheezy but not if I take my inhaler.
    When I cry a lot I have to pee. What the hell is up with that???
    I think you should have a nap.

  5. Madame King- My head gets all fucked up when I cry. It does not, however, affect my feet. Thank god.

    nicol- No. I got 'er done. The refrigerator and cabinets are full again. The bank account empty. Sigh.

    SJ- I am starting to think there is something to this moon-phase thing.

    Syd- I had weird dreams too, last night and this morning on both sides of my little insomnia spell. I hate 'em too.

    Birdie- Okay. You can be Queasy and Itchy. I'm sorry. I have no idea why you would pee a lot when you cry. Maybe the body is taking every opportunity to cleanse itself. Be sure to stay hydrated, though!

  6. I'm feeling sick at heart today, too -- and I really don't have a concrete reason. It must be in the air. I'm sorry for your tears.

  7. Stephanie- I think we can all be Bitchy. But you can be the Main Bitchy. If you want.

  8. I am lovin' the new header though. Very nice lookin' eggs!

  9. Well, it's late in Florida by now. I hope you've put the tears to bed and that they are flowing to a river of sweet dreams.

  10. People leaving or having to be left is always hard... It never gets easy.


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