Saturday, February 11, 2012

If The Other Two Kids Had Been Here It Would Have Been Better Than Christmas

Busy day around here. Got up at nine and now it's a little after one and all of this has transpired:

Paul E. came over and took out the stump with his big equipment thingy.

Owen got here just in time to watch.

And man- how cool is that? And Paul E.? Cowboy AND big equipment thingy operator? It's like the trifecta of fantastickness. Oh wait. There should be three things in there. Well, I'm sure there is. Somehow.

Oh yeah! Cigar-smokin'! Not to mention sartorial.

On to breakfast. Mer whipped up eggs and deer sausage and biscuits. Owen finally decided he liked eggs. "Love 'em eggs!" he said. And then he said, "More!"

Whenever we gather eggs he always thanks the hens. "Thanks, chickens!" he says. "Thank-you!"
God, I love that child.

Then there was tractor riding with Bop to clear the stump away.

And playing with the visiting grand-cat, Ceelo. I'm not exactly sure how you spell that but that's my guess.

Ceelo is staying upstairs with Jessie and Vergil.

Here's Owen and Jessie coming down the stairs.

Upstairs is a magical place. Especially when Jessie and Vergil are here. With Ceelo.

Then of course there was some dish-washing.

And now pay attention- this picture is important.

You see that doggie? That genuine purebred Yorkshire Terrior? That's Zeke and Zeke would love a new home. Oh yes, he would. Do you want him? He's a fine little yorkie. Okay, he has some skin issues but besides that, he's...a DOG! Purebred! Free! To you! Today!
(I am serious as a heart-attack here. Not kidding. Really mean it. I'll bring him to you. And a year's worth of food. He's a good snuggler. And kisser. Please?)

Random pictures:

The Most Handsome Rooster In The World! Or at least my yard. Check out how the wind is blowing his tail feathers. Now that's one good-looking rooster. He is not up for adoption. Sorry.

This sort of sums up the Moon family, doesn't it? Yeah. I think it does.

And this one too:

Hey Bethany- that's the tiny vase you gave me with the white violets in it. Thanks, sugar!

All right. Lily and Owen have gone home. Mr. Moon and Jessie and Vergil have gone to an FSU basketball game and I'm doing laundry and am about to go over lines again.

It's been just about the perfect day so far. Like I said, if May and Hank had been here too, it would have been better than Christmas.
Wait a minute. Almost ANYTHING is better than Christmas. For me.
It would have been better than Christmas is SUPPOSED to be.

As Owen would say, "Woo-hoo!"

Happy Saturday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. busy, happy life filled with great people and animals. Love it.

    If I lived closer, I might take that sweet Yorkie off your hands. Why does he need a new home?

  2. Busy full house today!

    Your terrier could be allergic to something - our poodle/terrier was allergic to beef - got nasty smelly yellow scaley skin. Back then it was hard to find chicken or lamb based dog food - and he didn't like it anyway. But they came out with Beneful and we were all happy. I suppose it's pretty crappy dog food but he lived to be 18 years old anyway.

  3. I hope someone wants your dog!

  4. That sounds like a full and complete day!

    Hot DAMN~~~ It's great to see Paul E again.... even if it is only a photo. I have not seen or hugged or talked to him well, probably it's been more than a decade now. And ridin' metal horse smokin a stogie no less! whoot!

    I just told marc that Glenn and Jessie and Verg went to the bb game too. (He and Peer went also) Marc goes, "OH yea, we saw them!" crazy.

    Ok, well, I hope Sunday pancakes are marvelous and that you have yet another winner of a day!

  5. What a day, Ms Moon. What a wonderful day. Sorry I cant take Zeke, but thanks for the offer. And thanks for this day.

  6. If Zeke were a Norwich I would take him. Or if he were housebroken. I am not fond of cleaning up dog shit either.


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