Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Good Day In Pictures

Weeded, weeded, weeded.
Planted two types of lettuce and brussels sprouts.
Then watered.

Stuck a few pansies in the dirt. Watered them too.

The late-afternoon sun shining through the Sweet Williams hanging on the kitchen porch where they can be easily snatched for salads.

I love their darling little faces.

The chicken's before-bed promenade.

What it looked like above them as they made their way seriously and solemnly down the fence line:

Sitting down with my feet up to study lines. My dirty, dirty feet. And I wore shoes and socks. Truly. I did.

Excellent recording of a damn well-written book, even if Mr. Burke's subjects can get a bit..deep into the ugly side of life.

Wonderful narrator. I finished this up today while I was working in the garden.

What Mr. Moon made for the Super Bowl. Gotta love that man. I do.

That glory-light leaving us for now.

Howdy, Moon. Watch over us as we rest tonight, okay? All of us.

And finally- the ubiquitous script. I've about worn the damn print off the cover.

Night, y'all. Let's have GOOD dreams, okay? Let's all let it all go long enough for our raveled sleeves of care to be knit back up and embroidered with silver strands of moonlight.


  1. Good night Mary...and I must look at the moon tonight...I do love a full moon.

    Sweet Williams or do we also call them Johnny Jump-ups are as cheerful as can be. I am not ready to garden but you do inspire me...even if all I do is look at your photos.

  2. All I managed to do today is go to the grocery, and update my blog. Good Sunday :)

  3. I love Burke, he's a guy who really gets it. I love his cops.

    Good on you, girl, you tore it up today!



  4. Ellen- Well, you know how it is. The air gets to a certain temperature and there is nothing to do but to get your hands in the dirt. I obey those directives. You will too when it's time there.

    SJ- Yes, but it was a good blog update.

    Nicol- See? The weather.

    Scott- I am shy ever to mention any cop books because well, you know- you know. I am glad to hear that you approve of Burke as he sure can write good and as sorry as I am to hear that he gets cops right, I'm glad he does.

  5. I really like James Lee Burke's books. I have read them all. Nice photos of the garden.

  6. I think the name of the play is kind of a joke to the actors who act it... as in, you'd have to BE perfect to memorize all these "hello? How are you? Hello?" lines from HELL!!!!ha!

    Sounds like a good day.

  7. Thank you for sharing the photos of your garden! The moon was gorgeous last night and early this morning. Sounds like it was a lovely day for you.


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