Friday, February 24, 2012

Hey- Nobody IS Perfect

One more performance down, one more to go.

I think we were all on automatic pilot tonight and every now and then we'd wake up and insert something weird and funny and see where that took us.
The crowd was not a crowd. Tiny group. Okay, not a group. Our audience was slim. In numbers. There was a table of Red Hat Ladies. Do you know these women? One woman was wearing a purple boa that had lights in it. I am not kidding you. I thought these women would LOVE the play. They may have but it didn't sound so much like it. The bar made about five bucks. That says it all right there. The Red Hat Ladies did love our Grampi. They all wanted their pictures made with him. Also, Fabio. Yes. They all posed with Grampi and Fabio and many snapshots were taken.

Well, that's how it goes sometimes.

Now I'm home and the owls are hooting off in the distance. I had to throw a stick in the general direction of that hawk today. He (or she) was on the clothesline support, just waiting for the chickens to go to roost.

He (or she) would not move off his (or her) perch until I threw that stick at him. Or her. I didn't aim for the hit, just for the scare-off. It worked in that the hawk flew about ten feet and re-perched in a tree.
Mr. Moon and I are wondering if maybe the hawk just wants to join the flock. Maybe that hawk wants to be...wait for it... A CHICKEN HAWK!

All right. I'll stop now. I'm going to eat some sort of Bombay Potatoes with Garbanzos I bought at the Costco. They're in these heavy-duty pouches that you can boil or microwave. I have leftover black-eyed peas in the refrigerator but for some reason, I just want some Bombay Potatoes.
Not really.
I just want something I didn't cook. Something that I haven't eaten as leftovers three or four times. So, Bombay Potatoes it will be. And hey! They're

*All natural
*No preservatives

Mr. Moon suggested I should add some cheese to them. I think maybe an egg would be a fine addition too.

So sweet dreams. I can sleep tomorrow morning as late as I want to. As late as I can. It should be good sleeping as it's getting cool again. It was eighty degrees today and muggy as hell. It's about forty-eight now and crisping up at the edges.

Spring in Florida. You cain't beat it.
With a stick.
But you can throw a stick at a hawk if you don't hit it. That's illegal.

Yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh lord, one more performance to go. Will there be a party??

    We have Bombay potatoes at our Trader Joe's. They're ok. But I've had potatoes in Bombay....and they were wonderful!!!

  2. It's hard to be in a slim audience unless you are pumped to enjoy yourself. Or have profited the bar a little more than $5. I have single handedly been a great audience when the drinks are free.

    Tough luck.

    I've never heard of Bombay Potatoes. I don't think they carry them at our Costco. wonder why.

  3. Sounds like the old ladies in the hats were the type to scream and stomp their shoes. Oh have had a good run. Time to fold the tents and move on.

  4. gonna look for those taters at cosco later- my workweek was like your performance last night- low attendance and if we had a bar it wouldnt have even broken even...


  5. Theatre audiences. You never know what you're going to get. And who knows what that hawk is up to. Odd that it's hanging around so much and not off sailing the skies with a mate. Odd that the purple hats were practically teatotalers. A purple boa with lights? That might frighten the hawk away.


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