Sunday, February 12, 2012


My kids kill me. This morning I actually opened the program that they'd written notes on and found plenty more. Also, the picture of Fabio, tarted up by May, most likely, to reflect the cross-dressing theme of the evening.
Here are more quotes:

"He's actually very good at physical comedy. The trying to sound naked killed me."

"Yeah. That was great."

"Lulabelle shops at Cross Dress 4 Less."

"I love that dress. I want it. The turban too. I would totally rock that shit."
"Like a slutty dolphin."
"Sometimes dolphins are not just slutty. they are stone cold bitches, too."
"Did you hear about the time in the 70's when Susan Sarandon and Tim Leary were swimming with 2 dolphins and Susan was petting the male and the female got jealous and bit her?"

"Well, I give it 2 thumbs up and a slutty dolphin fin."
"Me too. But I think the only way out is to kill Lulabelle."

The whole dolphin thing had segued from a line in the play about newts. "Frail as a kitten, pissed as a newt."
My kids seemed to have taken this concept and gone with it whole-heartedly.

"They get drunk and fall asleep in the kitchen sink. That would be so cute! I want a kitchen sink full of drunken newts!"
And so forth.

Anyway, it's Sunday. Not as cold as they said it would be. Beautiful. Gorgeous. I am going to make pancakes with tons of fruit in them. Blackberries, apples, bananas, blueberries. Etc. And bacon.

After that- who knows? I may sleep for the rest of the day. But I doubt it.

Did I tell you how beautiful Lily looked last night? She was wearing a peacock-colored dress that showed her beautiful belly and she was glowing.

Ah-lah. It's Sunday.

Good morning. Good morning.

I feel frail as a kitten. Who knows? I may get pissed as a newt. And slutty as a dolphin. Whatever, I'm going to enjoy it all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. They are a scream! They could do their own reality show and rock that shit! No question.

    Have a yummy day.

  2. I noticed in one of the photographs how beautiful Lily looked. She is made for motherhood, just like you.
    There is a special glow around pregnant women if you ask me. Glad you had the evening you had, and I am sure that the play is GOOD... The pancakes sound wonderful. Count me in!

  3. you have such hilarious kids! i can just hear them riffing off of one another in a free association note fest. enjoy your gifts mary. they are such gifts. absolutely wonderful people. you made them so.

  4. i second the dolphin fin up idea


  5. The play was actually hilarious. Much funnier than our notes.

  6. good morning dear friend.
    such amusement abounds.

  7. The idea of a drunk Newt is good. I call him Poot or Neutria. Glad that the kids were critiquing the play. They would be great in one.

  8. this post makes me as misty as a kitten up a newts in the sink for me!

  9. Your kids are awesome. I wonder where they got it from? :)

  10. Ms. Fleur- Yeah. Our family would make a very odd and yet, I feel, compelling reality show. And of course we have...chickens.
    It's been a great day.

    Photocat- Lily is motherhood incarnate. I swear.

    Angella- You should know about great kids. Uh-huh.

    Mrs. A- Me too. Definitely.

    DTG- I'm just so glad it was better than I thought it was. Honestly.

    rebecca- We are easily amused. Which is SUCH a good thing. Love you, dear.

    Syd- They ARE in a play- the production of themselves. I love that about my babies.

    Tradharma- There was more involved with the whole sink concept. I won't even try to explain.

    Elizabeth- I don't know. I swear. BUT- I did notice last night that the parts of the play that cracked me up the most got one real laugh- and that was from Hank. I could hear him. We have the same twisted sense of humor. Which I love.

  11. Ha! Love it! You have awesome kids. I also like your new egg picture at the top.

  12. Sounds like they get very involved! What fun!

  13. The compliments on my performance mean quite a lot. Be sure to tell them thank you.

  14. I guess the dolphin that bit Susan S. was pissed.
    In any event, enjoy it all!!! Yes.

  15. What a wonderfully full weekend it must have been! The written notes crack me up! You can't get that from texting!
    --Michele R.

  16. Lora- Thank-you, baby. You have awesome kids too and when they grow up, you'll enjoy them so much in a different way. You just wait and see.

    Jeannie- I think it kept them awake.

    Jon- I will!
    And you are really, really good at physical comedy.

    Denise- I hear that dolphins can be quite jealous and yes, show their dissatisfaction in very physical ways.

    Michele R- Exactly!

  17. Yall DO remember that dolphins are just gay sharks, right?
    Love, daddyb

  18. Daddy B- I TOTALLY did not know that! Wow. That explains so much.
    Love you to PIECES!


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