Monday, February 27, 2012

And Then There's This

I'm in a it's-raining-and-never-going-to-quit-mood and Owen is washing his hands a lot for fun and I don't know. I didn't mean to be mean about Ms. Jolie. Hell, I think she's one of the most gorgeous women in this world.
I'm just thinking she's got some problems.
And of course there's no reason for us to speculate or theorize about movie stars. I think it's just something we do because we feel powerless in the face of the big things like war and cruelty and poverty and ill health and injustice and, and, and....
It's like, well bread and circuses.
Although some of the circus people could use a little bread.
But really? Bottom line? It ain't my business, not really. Which makes it so easy to talk about.


  1. Here's what I have to say about Angie, my former neighbor (really - they lived less than a mile from me in New Orleans):

    I was never picked on for being fat when I was younger (except one boy who tried and we shut that down), but I could have been. And when I read or heard about how she was picked on all the time for being so thin when young, I related to that. None of our bodies is perfect to everybody.

    I saw her in an interview when she was really, really thin and the interviewer queried and she broke down. Her mother had died and she's one of those people who loses weight under horrible strain.

    Based on the fact that she's ALWAYS been thin, even when strong pressure against it, I don't think she's trying to be anything for anybody. She just is who she is, and that's somebody who gets really thin under stress. That's all.

  2. there must be something in the air because I too am in a miserable, mad mood. Except here, it hasn't rained in weeks and we need it bad. Maybe that's why I feel so moody? Anyway, enjoy you're dark mood. What the hell, it's not like you're going to hit your chickens or anything.

  3. I don't like corners on women; she needs a steak sandwich and a milkshake.

  4. NOLA- I just don't think that anyone is that skinny naturally. And yes, I am sure she is stressed out all the time. And why wouldn't she be? But she's not taking care of herself.

    Terena- Well, I'm not in a particularly bad mood. Mostly tired. And no, I will certainly NOT hit my chickens! Or anyone else for that matter.

    Magnum- You said it, baby. Maybe more than one milkshake.

  5. Funny this topic - my new colleague is that skinny whether she eats gallons of spam (thousands and thousands of calories all day), or some weird food fetish thing where she's afraid of everything. I have met people that skinny naturally and they're shamed by it like people are shamed for being fat.

    This is probably the first world problem - how we deal with such abundance and forced conformity - that bothers me most. Also personally. Just wish I could feel in control of my weight (for me, not the haters).

  6. NOLA- Well, frsnkly, in my whole life I've only ever known one person THAT skinny and I have to say that he lives on coffee and cigarettes. I'm sure it can happen, though.

  7. It is what it is--she will either live to be 95 or not. A lot of this is just genetic.

  8. I was that skinny skinny kid.... People, both adults and kids saw no problem in pointing out that my ribs/collar bone/shoulder blades stuck out. My mother brought me to the doctor made me drink a concoction of egg whites and cream and sugar every night, made high calorific meals - which I devoured !! I am a complete foodie. I now have a daughter who is so so thin - and she eats like a horse as we say here... Sometimes it truly just is what it is.. For me growing up it sometimes felt that being skinny gave everyone the right to comment on my body without any regard to my feelings.. I'm running out the door on the school run but really wanted to comment on this.. J in Eire


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