Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Last Rehearsal

Harriet's office.


  1. Gosh, I wish I could see you in action up there on that stage! Good luck with your final performance.

  2. I want so badly to be there. I wish I could teleport.

  3. Hope all goes well. You are probably already up there on the stage.

  4. Love it!!!! Do you get to take a souvenir?

  5. Wish we could see a little video glimpse of the play!

  6. I just spent the last hour devouring every recent word you have written, washing it down with a cheap Chianti.
    You deserve better, not champagne, just a clear head.
    You paint pictures with your words and fill my olfactory senses with the sweet scent of earth.
    If men bore the burden of child birth there would be evidence of abortion clinics dating from the cave era.
    Your voice is quiet but loud in that it is the voice of reason.
    I know nothing of chickens but know you need to write that novel.
    X David

  7. Liv and Murrbeth- I can't tell you how glad I am that you CAN'T see me! Ha! I am the Shy Thespian.

    Elizabeth- Books and Fabio. What more could a girl want? Oh yeah, Picasso.

    Syd- We just did a table line run-through. We'll be back up there on Friday night, though and then on Sunday, we tear it all down.

    Denise- Well, the books are mine, mostly. But not really.

    A- Lord. I don't even want to watch it.
    But thanks, love.

    David- Wow. Oh honey. Thank-you. So much. The idea of someone's evening entertainment being reading my blog while drinking wine just makes me feel so happy. I mean it.


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