Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just A Bloggie Blog Post

Spring's interruption has been corrected and it is warm again and sunny although it rained and was chilly yesterday. The birds are singing again, the sky is blue like old Levi's and I got five eggs yesterday. Five from seven hens which I think is pretty fine.
Kathleen and I talked about getting more chicks this spring and we probably will.
We had a nice long time to sit and chat in the waiting room of the Thomasville oncology center and that was nice. It was chilly and gray outside but cozy inside and everyone is so nice there. Dr. McCutiePie fussed sweetly at Kathleen for losing weight, for not drinking enough water, and then he showed us pictures of his children. I told him that he had to see a picture of my grandson, too, to be fair, and he admired the picture of Owen and Bop that I showed him.
He's not only Dr. McCutiePie, he's also Dr. McSweetiePie and dang, his kids are cute.

Mr. Moon surprised me with a bracelet I had admired in Cozumel and wasn't that darling of him? I think so. I gave him huge bath towels (or, bath sheets as they are rightly called) and the idea for them had come in Mexico because Hotel B used some like them and he had enjoyed having a towel whose size did justice to his. We gave each other cards and chocolate and then drove to the coast and ate WAY too much supper. What's with me and the food? Jesus. It was delicious but by the time we got home, I was feeling way too queasy to romp which is sort of sad when you think about it. But damn, it was good. I think what we got were mate's platters. Ahoy there, Matey! Here's your grease! Tasty grease. Even though I got my shrimp and oysters broiled, they used so much...what IS that tasty grease?...that I might as well have gone on and gotten 'em fried. And of course the mullet had to be fried. You CAIN'T broil no damn mullet. Everyone knows that. And the crabcake was rich as sin and the hushpuppies were fried, of course. And I ate it all. Every bit. And my delicious iceberg salad with plenty of croutons and bacon bits.
I don't eat that way usually. And honey, it tasted good but I did myself no favors at all.


Well, that's what's happening here in the World of Moon. I'm taking Lily to lunch today- just the two of us (and I swear- I am eating a salad WITHOUT CROUTONS OR BACON BITS)- while Bop babysits the boy. He is WILD in restaurants and this will be the first time Lily has gone out to eat without him in some time. We're also going to shop for birthing supplies and maybe a few things for the baby. I swear- it's so hard to shop for a baby whose sex you don't know. I'm thrilled that we don't know but everything is either WAY boy or WAY girl. Us old people remember when NO ONE knew the sex of the baby and baby clothes came in yellow and green and could go either way. It's a baby for god's sake. Anyway, it'll be nice to have Lily all to myself and we'll get out of Target without having purchased any bribe toys although guilt toys may be bought. Lily feels guilty if she leaves Owen for ten minutes when she's not at work. She's such a good mama, that girl.

So I need to get myself together and get to town. Does it seem like I've been way busier than usual? It does to me. I've got a rehearsal tonight, then Owen will come tomorrow and Friday and then I have performances on Friday and Saturday. One more weekend after that and Nobody's Perfect will be part of my history and I can move on to gardens and new babies and eating right again.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. One of these days I'll get my shit together.

Okay. Elvis is out there dancing for the ladies and they want OUT and wait a minute! What happened to my Levis sky? It's gray as Grandma Mose's hair out there now. Shitfire.

Well, things change. Constantly.

Have a good day, y'all. I mean it.


  1. I think that is so sweet that both you and Mr. Moon gifted each other with items or ideas from Cozumel. He is good at keeping a secret! The dinner food sounds scrumptious and I know what you mean by eating too much. As Hubs and I have aged we find that our tummies can't handle it as well. After a long day and full dinner it is not always the most conducive time to fooling around at night but no biggie to not have to on the 14th, right? I have to do the food celebration all over again tomorrow for Hubs B-day.
    That is so wonderful that you will be lunching alone with Lily. We had lots of green and white for my boys, not knowing their gender until born, but I found that I liked getting out of the house to shop at Target or wherever--post-birth, plus the gifts roll in after the birth is announced. I am so over these pre-birth parties and announcements as in "Let us celebrate Zachary!" I'm like--who--???
    Also, the play was perfect timing this year.

  2. My mister Wonderful gave me a pen he bought for me in Las Cruces New Mexico, and a valentine card and I in return completely forgot about Valentine's day... I suck. Good for you and Lily to take some me time... it makes the coming home all the sweeter!

  3. That's so cool that Mr Moon snuck back to the shop and bought the bracelet for you. Very nice!

    When I get anxious, often, I find myself eating that kind of food, which is ever so bountiful around here. Sometimes I just wish these guys knew how wonderful good organic veggie food can taste so that maybe someone would open a safe place to eat.

  4. Even though I knew Austin was a boy, I still bought mostly white onesies. There's just something perfectly practical about white onesies.

  5. You have a good day too Ms. Moon. I'm getting excited for the baby to get here (I can imagine how excited you all must be!!!)

  6. I do love a boy in pink, so I'd buy some pink stuff. :)

  7. Harley got hand me downs. Whatever color they were was the right one! ha!

    V day sounds dreamy and yes it was darling of him to notice you swooning over the bracelet and then purchase it on the sly... such a romantic!

    Love you,

  8. Sweetness!
    But, uh-huh, that fried/greasy food thing. I'm over it. I ordered 2 deep fried crab cakes by accident last week. If the man who loved me had been around...well, let's just say, I'd prefer the wild thang to the fried thang.

  9. I ate way way way too much last night, have a toddler and I am almost 9 months preggers and still romped, haha. Mine was more for him and a hope that this baby won't gestate 42 weeks than anything. I love you and thank you so much for our fun day!

  10. Michele R- I got a shower invite the other day and it said something like, "Let's celebrate the Mommy-To-Be-Of John William Doe! I was like, "Uh- what?" Things are changing. Can't stop 'em!
    But you're right and Lily and I talked about this today- Target is ONE place a mommy and baby can go for sure.

    Photocat- Girl! Get it together! Haha!

    Rubye Jack- I think it's that I've been waiting until after rehearsal to eat and then when I do eat at a normal time, it tastes so good because I've been eating just this and that when I have the time. You know? But I have got to get a grip.

    Stephanie- Yes. White is beautiful for babies. Plus- you can bleach 'em!

    Jill- It's going to be so fun!

    Elizabeth- Hey- it works for ME!

    Ms. Fleur- That man comes through now and again. Okay, more often than that. He's a sweetie, he is.

    Denise- Fried food is definitely something I don't usually partake of. BUT- well, there are exceptions. But no, the wild thing is not as much fun after the fried thing. Can one only have one or the other? I guess after a certain age...

    Lily- Okay. You put me to shame. BUT YOU ARE A LOT YOUNGER THAN I AM!
    But hell, good for you. And for Jason. And for not having an over 42-week gestation! I had a lot of fun today. I love you so.

  11. No romping? Well, you can make up for that at any time, like after the salad with no croutons and no bacon bits. Don't waste a time to romp.

    I think that we eat way too much in this country. I would rather have 4-5 small servings of something a day than to eat a huge meal. I would likely fall asleep if I ate so much. No romping then either.

  12. Spring finally elbowed winter out of the way yesterday after being interrupted for a week.


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