Friday, August 19, 2022

There Are Spiders But Not Very Scary

When I went outside this morning to let the chickens out, the sun was streaming through the leftover dampness from the rain we got last night. The beams coming down were like heavenly spotlights directed all over my side yard. It was so beautiful that I had to pause and take pictures. 

And then I saw that same light shining on a different golden orb weaver and her web with dew drops spangling all in it like the most delicate of fine jewelry. 

There she is, spinning her silk and repairing the places in her weaving that had been disturbed. 
Okay. Here's one more. 

I have had a practically perfect day. For me. I got the sheets in the washer and took a shower and washed my hair which is as long as its ever been, I think, and got dressed and drove to town and met Jessie at a Cuban restaurant which is quite near Levon's school so that we could get lunch before she had to pick him up. A Cuban sandwich and a cup of black bean soup is pretty much my idea of a perfect meal. 
Oh hell. I just love to eat. I have so many favorite meals. But that is definitely one of them. 
We chatted about all of the important stuff and she was able to leave early enough to get the boy on time. 
I went to the library which of course would be on my agenda for an almost perfect day. I quickly found three books I think will be interesting including a memoir by Harvey Fierstein. 

I have always adored him and I feel certain that his story will be a fascinating one. 

And then off to Publix where I wanted to buy some blackberries. They were BOGO, the organic ones, and not only AS big as my thumb but BIGGER than my thumb. Also sweet as a mama's kiss. I have been wanting to make a pie and now I have. It also has a few nectarines in it. It is in the oven now. 

Oh, I hope it is good! There is something for me that is so comfortingly therapeutic about making a pie. 

After Publix I stopped by the Bad Girls Get Saved By Jesus Thrift Store. It was mostly great except that to demonstrate one of their audio devices for sale, I guess, they had a CD playing of some uber-Christian choir with what sounded like a New Zealand preacher adding his praise and adoration into the songs. 
Oh, Jesus. 
But I tell you what- if I were a singer and in a choir like that, I can only imagine that the feeling of being filled by the holy spirit must be overwhelming. 
Hell yes! 
All glassware was 50% off and so I got a very nice large glass canister, what I'd probably call a cracker jar, with a lid for $3.50 cents. I am not sure what I'm going to put in it but I think my brain already knows and will tell me soon enough. I also got a nice Melissa and Doug floor puzzle called "Mermaids' Playground" for about two bucks so that was a very fun treasure hunt. 

Thus, it could hardly have been a better day although sadly, my husband was not a part of it. He was way too busy working on that car engine transplant. And he sent me this picture from the garage:

TaDa! The transplant has been completed and now all that's left is what he is calling "buttoning it up". You know, stitching blood vessels and nerves in place, I suppose. He is so, so happy. And so, so tired. 

Martinis have been made. Clean sheets are on the bed. Tomorrow we are going to the beach with the family. 
All is very, very well. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. A perfect day, indeed. Now I have to go and look up Cuban sandwich and black bean soup. I only know black beans in Asian cooking and I'm sure they're not those black beans.

  2. The pictures in your garden are very striking (as is your header) and I am very glad you took the time to share pictures with us. The name of the thrift store had me laughing out loud!

  3. The Jesus rays are magnificent but not nearly as magnificent as your lady spiders with their skills. Those shots are worthy of many prizes and adoration! Our spiders are not quite so fancy- I still like them but they should go to spider art school in your yard.
    Your pie!!!! Yes please.

  4. Oh I am so glad you shared your perfect day. Those pictures of the suns rays and spider weaving are so magical. I agree it WAS a perfect day. It is possible.

  5. Those lovely webs in the sunshine. Yes, perfect.

  6. Your pictures of the orb spider webs are wonderful. I only just now realized their webs are little squares, like hairnets, and not radiating triangles, as we think of most webs. That's how when they catch a prey, they roll them up and paralyze them and unroll them later to eat. And that's why they can repair the webs, because they are repairing little squares, not great triangles or trapezoids.

  7. Whatever makes us happy is what matters. Suns rays mystical and web magical.

  8. the rays of sun atop the green is gorgeous! Your day does sound for the christian choir music.....but hey, you can let that go in one ear and out the other! Happy weekend!
    Susan M

    1. sorry. forgot to add...........but blackberry and nectarine pie? Be still my heart.
      Susan M

  9. sing-along: "four and twenty blackberries baked in a pie..." And what a pie! It looks so delicious!. And you have sunbeams and sun dried sheets too. Definitely a perfect day :)

  10. I also had to look up cuban sounds very delicious! Hope that you enjoyed the rest of your day, and your martini.

  11. That sounds like a perfect day to me - and I bet your husband had his own perfect day working on that car!

  12. Great pictures of the sun and the steam and the mist. The spider webs too. Don't you just love when the dew and the sun make them look jeweled.

  13. Sounds like a perfect day all around! Those sunbeams coming down through the trees look as substantial as rain. I also like Harvey Fierstein; let me know what you think of the book.


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