Monday, July 20, 2020

This Does Not Bode Well

Last night we noticed that the temperature in the house was three degrees warmer than the thermostat was set for. 
“Hmmmm,” we said. 
This had been normal when we had our old air conditioner but since we’ve had the new one that has not happened. 
We decided that it had just been a very hot day and it had been. Upper 90’s. By morning it was all nicely cooled off. We had to go to town to take the red car to the mechanic for its inspection and then to the Credit Union where Mr. Moon has his office and where his car was. 
The drive to the mechanic’s and back to the Credit Union took us through parts of Tallahassee I had not traveled in years but which, when I went to FSU’s nursing school and Hank and May were in daycare, I traveled many, many times. So many memories and my god- so much has changed. 

After I dropped my husband off I went to Costco and Publix and while I was there I got a text from my husband asking if I was still in town and could I come back to the Credit Union to sign some documents and I started stressing out because I had hit my limit and hit it hard when it came to being out among people. 
But back to the Credit Union I went and then finally HOME and when I walked in the door I realized that it felt warm. I checked the thermostat and although it said that it was cooling it was lying. The fan part was on but the air coming through the vents was just air. I came out to the back porch which the unit is right beside and it was not doing a thing. Silent as a nun in prayer. 
As I texted to my husband- “Shit, shit, shit.”
I won’t continue to go into minute detail at this point. I will only say that a repairman did come and after checking things out he announced and showed me that we had a burnt out compressor which I understand is a very important part of the air conditioning process. 
It could have been caused by lightening or a power surge or, or, or...

And the soonest that they can get a new one is Wednesday. 

This is somewhat of a nightmare. 

It’s supposed to get down to 75 degrees here by 6:00 am but back up to 80 by 9:00 am and then on to the breathless and horrid nineties soon after. 

Sigh. We are so spoiled. 

I am hoping that with fans we will be able to sleep. Actually, Mr. Moon may sleep upstairs as the two bedrooms up there have window units but I do not want to sleep upstairs in a twin bed. I want to sleep downstairs in my own bed. 
I am weird that way. If it gets too hot though, I’ll trudge up that long winding staircase. There have been nights in my life which were so hot that I cried. I remember these nights with startling clarity even though I was a child for most of them. Of course this house was built for hot summers with its high, high ceilings and the long hallway. One does not sleep in the hallway however. I think if we open doors and windows tonight and close them in the morning we will be fine. 
Or, survive at least. 

I tell you what though- I am NOT going to do a damn thing that I don’t have to in the next two days that would raise my body temperature. No way. I am going to move slowly and I am not going to move much. I am also not going to wear much. 
Jumping in the river may be involved. I hope so. 

Things come in threes, or so they say. As of right now, the MacBook and the air conditioning are out of commission. I am not superstitious but I do not want to tempt fate by saying this. And yet- here we are. 
I’ll keep you updated. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh Mary!

    As someone who had several of the most miserable nights of my life (physical comfort wise) last summer before we replaced our constantly-breaking-down 36 year old HVAC last year, I am SO SORRY. We're experiencing a no-joke heatwave this week and I'm do grateful for a new unit! If I prayed I'd pray for you to get yours repaired pronto!

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  2. so sorry to hear. Heat stinks....and you are even used to it living where you do. Fans!!! and slow motion or NO motion......thats all you can do. We don't have AC because we are in a coastal valley 3 miles from the ocean......but during high pressure *spells* we can have a 5-6 day wave of 90-100 and its enough to make me cranky as heck and cry too. Stay cool as you can until Wednesday
    Susan M

  3. I recommend some of those frozen sugar waters they call Italian Ice.

  4. The compressor. The word you never want to hear. Expensive. Vital. Hoping you can keep relatively cool.

  5. So the question is, what's next?

    Stay cool Mary. The river sounds about right.

  6. How amazing that we can recall the misery of childhood nights with no air conditioning. I don't recall being cold at night in my unheated bedroom, in the winter. I can remember pouring a glass of cold water on each side of my pillow. When one side got hot, the other was cool. (er).

  7. Oh no! I've been there and it is no fun. I'm sorry you have to deal with this. Maybe a good time to visit the library during the day?

  8. Oh dear! The only thing worse than losing a refrigerator! I hope you have a breeze and good fans...So sorry.

  9. Oh I feel for you. I am too hot at anything over about 25c..thats 77 in your money!! Hope that your AC gets fixed soon. The hottest I have ever been was when we visited family in Toronto about 25 yrs ago. The temp was 30c (86F) and they had only one AC unit in a downstairs room. We slept ( or not as the case may be) upstairs under the roof and I was just in my underwear, lying on the bed and it felt like a fire was burning down on me!

  10. At the Hywel Broadfield estate on the coast of Georgia, back in 2002, the tour guide said that the only reason people are able to live in Florida in the summer is air-conditioning. I hope your repairman successfully sorts it out on Wednesday.

  11. Uugh, the heat. We get temperatures in the 90s and well into the 100s on occasion but most people don't have AC here because it doesn't last that long. It's bloody miserable when it's here though. I remember years ago my brother and his wife sleeping in my (unfinished) basement because of it! And to think I was tempted to move to Spain (which is cheaper than France) in order to retire earlier. Then I realized now way could I stand the summers!

  12. Horrid. I don't DO heat, so I feel for you. Live in dread of our almost 30 year old HVAC taking a dump. Even told my DH the other day that I would rather replace the whole thing come late fall rather than wait for it to fail during these god-awful days (had extreme heat warning yesterday--real feel 112). Fingers crossed we make it to fall. Don't do a thing but exist these next few days, unless it involves a dip in cool(ish) water. Best of luck with the a/c fix.

  13. never invoke the gods! you'll regret it. gods are not nice people. I guess the upside is that it should be under warranty. The air conditioner in this house died the second or third year after we bought it in July. why do they always want to die in July or August?

  14. Oh, Lord. How miserable! It's every Floridian's nightmare! If I were you I'd mount those stairs and use the window unit, but that's just me. I hope it's an easy (and relatively quick) fix.

  15. When my AC needed repair during a heat wave (always happens during a heat wave, right?), I partly filled the tub with tepid water, put on my bathing suit and got in for a half hour or so. Kept filling the tub with cooler and cooler water. The real trick is to keep that wet suit on. Large beach towels placed on chairs keep furniture or bed from getting wet. When you get warm, slip back into the tub. Repeat as necessary. Only way I survived. Aldo worked when I lost power.

  16. I love this! My mom grew up in a house built around 1900 and she remembers that in the 1950s they *did* sleep in the long hallway where the breeze came through. This was south Mississippi and of course no A/C back then. Hope you cool off soon!

  17. May your repairs get done sooner if they have a cancellation somewhere else. Seems during Pandemic a lot of stuff goes wrong to add to the misery... we had some repairs having to be done that were expensive and unexpected during our regular maintenance. But, at least it was caught before it totally went on the fritz since our temps are 116+ almost every day and that would have made inside uninhabitable and dangerous. I don't know how the Pioneers did it, they were hardier Souls than present day folks, that is certain!


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