Sunday, July 26, 2020

A Tiny Walk In The Garden

Sleeping in the Glen Den is so strange. First of all, the chair reminds me of a hospital bed although it is far more comfortable. It’s beautiful once I get everything arranged and settle in just right with pillows and covers but during my sleep and especially when I get up, all of my sleep-objects get scattered and wadded up and it’s generally when my pain meds have worn off that I wake up so getting everything reasonably rearranged can be a struggle. And a pain. 
But honestly, the weirdest part of sleeping in there is just being in that room which has never represented sleep for me and somehow has a completely different spirit feeling if I am allowed to say that. The bedroom we sleep in now is not part of the original structure and thus the Glen Den is older and in the deep dark night I can feel the difference. When I awaken, it’s not the TV and the toys and the deer heads and Mr. Moon’s collections of beer steins and other stuff that I feel. It’s something entirely different and of a different time. 
Or it could be the drugs, you know. 
Maurice sleeps with me in that chair and she is so light, especially compared to Jack that she feels weightless and she is a comfort although last night she made a sound with her breathing that was way too much like a distressed human child. 
That cat. 

My pain has been less today and this morning I made a little stroll out to the garden just to look around. I miss the garden. That and folding some clothes were the most exciting things I did today. The rest of the day has been mostly spent in the chair watching The Office. Even though I’m in less pain, I have a definite persistent tiredness. I suppose that’s normal as my body is trying to reconstruct parts of itself but it’s hard not to just feel like I’m being lazy. 

My husband is doing it all. He is cooking and doing laundry and today he even cleaned the hen house. For breakfast he cooked eggs with peppers and onions and garlic! Gourmet! I am so impressed and also, at the same time, afraid that he will soon be better than I am at the household things and will decide that he does not need me. 
Yes. I am insecure. 

I got a text from Billy this afternoon asking if they could come drop off some things and of course I said yes. They brought delicious treaties as August would say- crackers and chocolate and salmon dip and honey and cheese made from the milk of barn-free cows! And Waylon made me a beautiful mermaid drawing. We chatted for just a minute, them outside wearing masks and us in the doorway. I asked Shayla about the plan for teaching this year and it still hasn’t been quite decided or finalized. 

This is all so hard. 

Anyway, we go on. Perhaps tomorrow I will feel up to doing a little cooking. Or something. I am looking forward to that. And sleeping in my bed and going to let my chickens out in the morning and counting them and watching them as they peck and scratch at their corn. 
 But I don’t need to rush. It’s only been four days. 

Here’s another thing I am looking forward to- having something to talk about beyond broken ribs and related topics. And having an actual computer. I don’t think my new MacBook has even shipped. 
Well, it will one of these days. 

Please be well, y’all. In every way. The world may be falling apart but we need to try and survive it the best we can to bear witness if nothing else. And speaking of survivors- it is Mick Jagger’s 77th birthday today. 
Gold rings on him as his band wife Keith would say. 
May he dance forever. 

And may the spirit of John Lewis watch over this crazy country. We need him so. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm just so glad my kids and grandkids are too old for public school. good to hear the Mr Moon and extended family are taking care of you and of course they are. I got nothin' today. or this weekend. trying to finish this book which has gotten tedious here towards the end.

  2. a garden stroll and folding laundry is HUGE at this point! Do not overdo! And no, Mr Moon will not surpass you in the cooking realm......he is doing what he needs to do in order to help and bless his heart. Is he tending to your sourdough starter I hope? Be well, the Glen chair won't be forever, and go slow please
    Susan M

  3. If you feel up to reading,or listening to a good book I just finished"Magpie Murders" and was very entertained. I stopped thinking about our poor country and all the things going on while reading.Please be careful not to do so much.

  4. And, it's too soon to try cooking. Could you move a not cast iron frying pan, if you even own one? Just asking. Wait a while.

  5. No, not lazy. Your body is asking you to be still so it can divert its energy into knitting back your ribs. Is it possible to bring Glen’s chair to your bedroom?

  6. Take it easy, and no, Mr. Moon will never leave you. Hugs!

  7. The difficulty ids to go slow when you need to. Please go slow and relax. Mr Moon sounds like he's doing a good job!

  8. John Lewis was such a good man. Dignified and optimistic. He knew about life and politics in ways that Trump will never know. Sounds like your recovery is really happening. Baby steps at first.

  9. It's amazing how quickly the body heals itself. Take care woman.

  10. It sounds like your healing is progressing as it should, which is an accomplishment in & of itself, I suppose. I broke my back in 2016 and it was horrible trying to recover from that... so I feel your pain, believe me. Take good care... Andrea xoxo

  11. I'm glad you felt well enough to venture out and see the garden. That's a good sign. And bravo to those bringing you "treaties"!

  12. Good to hear the pain is lessening a bit. Just remember-take things slower than you want to and it will likely make for the best healing outcome.

    May be homeschooling my six year old grandson. School here is going all virtual for at least the first semester--which we're onboard with given rising virus numbers. However, they seem to expect the kiddies to spend 8 hours a day/5 days a week on a computer logging in and out of classes all day long. Might work for older kids, but useless for the younger ones with working parents/daycare providers, or for families with multiple school-age children (e.g. need individual computers and work areas for every kid to log on simultaneously). Hence, likelihood of the home school option for my GS as both parents have demanding jobs. School board won't release final requirements until August 14. Really not helpful waiting until last minute as parents are in a hellish limbo--especially those without a support network, computers or internet access.

  13. Mary I think your Mac will arrive on your birthday just as the universe meant it to be.


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