Monday, July 27, 2020

If I Could Show You Pictures

Things are not getting better fast here, y’all. 
This is a process. 
It’s really strange what you find online about broken ribs. Everything from “some people may need pain relief” to “it’s been said that the pain of broken ribs is second only to that of a kidney stone.”
As a woman who has had four natural, very long labors AND a kidney stone I can say that broken ribs are less painful than those but it ain’t no picnic. 
To add to the general suckalisciousness of it all, I had a full-on anxiety attack last night. For those of you who have experienced these you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who haven’t, I am not up to trying to describe that particular hell. At least I knew what it was but that is rather useless information when you’re going through one. 
It took me a long time to get to sleep and when I got up this morning I didn’t even feel capable of commenting on blogs. I’m sorry. 
I did walk out to the hen house to find three beautiful new eggs from one of the young hens. They are a lovely deep brown and I know there will be more eggs of different colors to follow. 
So if I could include pictures here I would definitely post one of those three eggs. Also, some of the roses which are having a second bloom and surely a picture of at least one of the deep purple-black eggplants. I wish we called them “aubergines” because that word is so much more beautiful than “eggplant”. 

I would probably also post a picture of my chair nest where I have watched approximately fifty episodes of “The Office” today because that’s about all I can concentrate on and if I can’t concentrate on it it doesn’t matter. 
BTW- I love Jim but he’s a damn wussy. 

Now here’s a picture I wish you could see- Mr. Moon making a fresh coconut cake for my birthday. 
The kitchen will never be the same. 
The first year we were together he made me the most spectacular coconut cake and he is determined to repeat that this year. I was turning thirty the first time he made me a cake. I am turning 66 tomorrow. 
These facts make me cry. The fact that he’s making me a cake and the fact that he’s loved me for thirty-six years. 
We had a hell of a party the year I turned thirty. A HELL of a party. And that was also when he proposed to me. 

All right. I can’t get too deep into that memory or I will become completely overwhelmed. There were people there whom I loved who are no longer here. I’ll just say that. 
And that it was a long time ago. 
And it was an amazing cake. I’m sure this one will be too. A shopping trip was needed for all the ingredients. He got the good stuff. King Arthur cake flour! Unsalted butter! I don’t even know what all. He doesn’t want me in there. 

I will definitely take a picture of the cake and if I ever get my MacBook I’ll post it then. Still have heard no word from Apple about shipping. It really would be a spirit-lifting thing for me to finally take procession of that. 

Any more pictures? Oh, maybe one of the beautiful rain we had today. Perhaps a picture of Dottie and Dearie. The little one is getting bigger. Glen says that when she flies out of the little coop now her wings thrum like a quail’s. 
And one of Tweety Bird who is still not as big as a blue jay and never will be. I can’t wait to see her eggs! 

That’s enough. I’m tired. Please know that if I don’t comment on your posts it doesn’t mean I’m not reading them because I am. Same with answering comments. 
I’m doing what I can do. Which ain’t a lot. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh hell's bells. I typed a massive comment and then got an error ((but blogger is so very sorry that happened). Take pictures and post them all for us when the computer arrives. And for now reading your picture descriptions was very nice.

  2. Confession: I have never once in my livelong life cooked an eggplant. I’ve only eaten it a few times in baba ghanoush (?) and that was only out of shame for taking too much hummus. Never one time ever. Someone in my life at some point told me it was poison probably that woman. We were big on poison after my sister well you know. Same goes for rhubarb. XO

  3. Oh Mary, I can see Mr Moon lovingly whipping up a coconut cake for your Birthday..... what a precious and loving man he is. I mean- what man would do THAT? Sending you Birthday wishes too! Not the way you had intended it all to happen.......but cake, Mr. Moon, and just being able to stroll around a a gift in itself.
    Much love
    Susan M

  4. When I first read the words "chair nest," I thought it said "chest hair," and I wondered why you wanted to post a picture of it. My mistake. Get well soon.

  5. memorable Birthday, Dear Mary, Pandemic , protests, mercenaries, feds, and a broken Mary, ribs taking the hit for your heart and lungs. A broken shield, repairable and will take time, protected your softer parts -Sorry about the anxiety attack, on top of everything- no body needs one of those, Utterly overwhelming. Holding you in healing thoughts and love. You are in good hands.

  6. I saw all of your pictures.
    Happy birthday, Mary Moon.

  7. What a birthday to remember. I can't think of a better gift than to have your man make you a coconut cake.

  8. I remember well the continuing wonderment at how long it took my knee to feel better last summer... The Dr assures me I will know when it's time for a knee replacement, but of course I hope I die before that becomes needful. Sheesh, I was trained up that way! Avoiding doctors, etc. Well, That tiny chicken is going to lay your favorite eggs, I have no doubt. My favorites by far were the eggs my bantams laid, a while ago already now.

  9. I'm impressed that you're writing in your own blog, never mind commenting on other people. Don't even worry about it.

    What a good man you have. It sounds as if he's seizing the chance to do a lot of things he's been wanting to!

    And yes, I've had anxiety attacks, and you're right, no matter how much your brain explains what it is, your adrenalin just shouts shut up, I'm busy in overdrive here.

    Better days soon.

  10. Enjoy your birthday as best you can, Mary. I imagine a child or two and a grand or five will do something to make it pleasantly, not painfully, memorable. Coconut cake made for a queen by her king....priceless!

  11. Coconut cake sounds wonderful and have a lovely birthday with your lovely husband. Sending hugs.

  12. It is exactly midnight right now...Happy Birthday dear Mary! ❤

  13. My prayers are with you, girl. As I mentioned, I broke my back in 2016... the year I turned 60 and the year we were to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Yeah... sucky, for sure. Hang in there! ~Andrea xoxo

  14. Sweetness <3 Happy Birthday! I hope someone talked a picture of that cake so we can share it.

  15. Happy Birthday Dear Mary.....enjoy your cake ! XX

  16. You showed us all the pictures. I could see every one. Happy birthday darling Mary!

  17. Happy 66th Birthday from one Mary to another! Enjoy your cake.

  18. Don't feel compelled to comment if you're not up to it. Lord knows you need to put yourself first and get better. I can't wait to see (although I feel like I already CAN see, kind of) how Mr. Moon's coconut cake turns out. Seriously, your descriptions of your photos were enough that I felt like I could visualize them all. Have a great birthday, and know how much you boost all our lives here in blogland. :)

  19. I can't remember the last time someone made me a birthday cake. a lifetime ago. the year I turned 66, Trump got appointed. let's hope that the year you turn 66 he will be ousted. is it today? Happy Birthday Ms Mary Moon.

  20. Happy birthday, what a way to celebrate this one!

  21. You wrote this yesterday and today is today so "happy birthday" and get well soon!


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