Wednesday, December 19, 2018

We Won't Even Discuss Anxiety, Okay?

So I think I'm ready.
Sort of. There are always last-minute things to put into the suitcase. The nightgown that's still in the dryer, my pillows.
Yes. My pillows. Not all five of them, I assure you although I believe there would be room. My pillows are feather and some of them are so old and so flat that the pillowcase adds more weight and bulk to them than the pillows themselves.
And yeah, don't bother telling me about dust mites. I have very comfy dust mites.
I feel like I'm forgetting something of huge importance. I keep going over things in my mind. I have dresses and shoes and underwear and my meds and books and magazines and the bathing suits and the sun screen and a hair brush.
Did I pack my hairbrush?
I best go check.
Phew! Glad I checked. I hadn't. And I'm just certain that there are no hairbrushes for sale in all of Mexico.
The hardest part was figuring out which purse to take.
Hi! My name is Mary! I'm a purse addict!
I really am.
I have so many purses, most of them covered in mildew because I haven't used them in years. I cleaned about four of them, trying to decide which one to take. I finally settled on a very plain black leather Frye bag I bought back when Hank and May were little. It's been patiently waiting forever to be used again and now it shall be. It's pretty big but not one of those purses you could use to pack a Mastiff in. Maybe a teacup chihuahua, though. Or even a small regular one. I'm also taking a small bag for going out and, well, I don't know. Taking wherever I don't need a big purse. The small bag looks like something a sixty-four year old woman would take on a vacation. It is extremely over-the-shoulder-friendly and has many pockets and zippers. It screams "Tourist!" just as effectively as a fanny pack. Like you could wear it while climbing a pyramid although that's not going to happen because the last pyramid I climbed was an insanely steep and tall one at the ruins of Coba which is in the jungle in the Yucatan. It looks like this.

I have no idea why I did that but I did. Climbing it wasn't that bad but when I got to the top and looked down I almost died. In fact, I wanted to die. I could see no way to safely make my way down to the bottom but as I am here now you can be certain I did. 
Unless I died and am dreaming all of this. 
Anyway, after that I said, "As GOD is my witness, I WILL NEVER CLIMB ANOTHER PYRAMID IN MY LIFE!"
And I haven't. 
I love Mexico. Maybe things have changed since the last time I visited any sites with pyramids but they don't bother with signs warning you that if you climb that sucker and happen to trip and fall, you're going to be one dead gringo. They just figure that you can probably figure that out for yourself and if not- well- too bad. 
One more sacrifice to the gods. 

So. Mr. Moon has gone to his last basketball game for the year. FSU versus Somebody. I fed him frozen pizza. 
I wonder what we'll be eating tomorrow night. 
Looks like we'll be flying out in the rain tomorrow morning and arriving to rain when we get to Cozumel. Unless somehow the rain prevents us from getting out of here, I could give a rat's ass. 
Island weather is rain-come, rain-go and if you're lucky, a rainbow. 

I guess I better end this now. I am setting my phone alarm for 3:45 a.m. This is not going to be pretty, let me just say. 

And I'd like to add one more thing- Rachel got the great news today that she has the job she applied for and interviewed twice for. I think it was twice. It's a job she really, really wanted and it's a job that will make a difference in people's lives. 
We are so proud of that woman!

All right, guys. See you tomorrow when the travel reports hopefully begin. 

Big love...Ms. Moon


  1. my pillow is an old feather pillow too which squashes flat quite nicely and tops off the suitcase, the last thing to go in, then fluffs back up. it's days are numbered though as the down feather escape proof case it was born with had so many tears in it I put it in an old flannel pillowcase and sewed it up but every day little feathers find their way out.
    And that is a daunting pyramid! I don't think I 've ever seen/been to that one. I have climbed several in my day. the going up is always easy, the coming down is always the scary part.
    safe travels!

    1. That is supposedly the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan and I believe it. Coba is not one of the most famous sites. As you can only imagine, I came down on my butt. Each tiny step I managed was a huge accomplishment. I just looked it up and there are one hundred and twenty of those.
      You better buy a new pillow to break in to replace your old, beloved one when it finally dies. Down. 100% down. Expensive but worth it in all ways.

  2. I have all day tomorrow to pack. I might have not remembered the hair brush! You have a great time!

    1. Woman! I am hoping so!
      Hair brushes are important.
      You have a great time too!

  3. I'm another who travels with my down pillow. I have a little "boudoir" size one (about 10"x15")for flying with only carryons. For car travel I add in a full size pillow too. New pillows are too fat--I've been trying to break in a new one for a dozen years and it's still too fat. So hang on to those old ones, Ms. Moon, they're irreplaceable!

    Ellen, you can buy a new downproof zip-on cover from the Company Store or from Cuddledown, I'm not sure which is better, don't need one quite yet.

    1. You're right, Sally! I have a two-year old down pillow that I've been trying to break in and it ain't working. What's up with that?

    2. I guess that's evidence of their high quality ;)
      It's a pain, though.
      I found a feather an inch long in the driveway today, probably from a chickadee or other bird that winters here in upstate new york--the bottom 2/3 was the most impressive thick dense down--I now understand how they can stay here in the cold; and maybe how the down pillows keep their loft.
      Have you tried washing it? That might ruin it, or just flatten it enough. How about asking Mr. Moon to sleep on it; maybe you just don't have enough heft?

      Anyway, you don't have to think about this till you get back--have a very Merry Christmas and don't worry about a thing.

    3. thanks Sally. I'll look into it.

  4. Don’t forget your silver earrings and bracelets!!!

  5. Congratulations to Rachel! We all love her out here in Blogland and wish her everything of the best.
    And we all know you are going to have the most wonderful time in Cozumel. Now relax and go with the flow!
    Love, love, LOVE all your posts even though I seldom comment.

  6. Good news, Mary! I hate packing and travelling. Just keep your eyes on the destination!

  7. You are on your way already - yay! And super news for Rachel - yay!

  8. That pyramid! Spectacular photo. It’s so amazing how the jungle swallowed up so much of the Mayan structures, looking like tree-covered hills. But when they’re excavated- this!! Here’s wishing you both a fantastic trip!

  9. I hope you and your Mr. Moon have a magical time. Meanwhile, here on the Gulf Coast, the neighbors and I are contemplating building an ark.

  10. Travel safe Mary, your spirit keeps us moving...

  11. Safe travels Moon loves! See you in Mexico! And hurray for Rachel!

  12. Woo hoo! Mary Moon is back in Mexico! Have fun, and keep us updated! :)

  13. Have a great trip! I hope your departing flight isn't delayed too much by this lousy weather. It is SUPER rainy down here in Tampa. Congrats to Rachel!

  14. Safe and happy journey Goody Moon!
    I am feeling sorry for poor Poppa Moon. You fed him frozen pizza. It doesn't take long to bake a frozen pizza so that it becomes just a regular hot pizza. I can provide instructions if you desire.

  15. Have a wonderful time Mary Moon :) I've thought about you traveling all day. Hope you are feeling good. Bobbie DeWitt

  16. thinking of you and welcoming that first sunset photo, knowing you have arrived in your *other world*, that most sacred of places. Love and happy adventures to you both
    Susan M


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