Thursday, December 27, 2018

So Much To Do, So Little Time

I am getting behind here because there is just too much to do to worry about things like blogging. I mean, every day there is coffee while looking at the ocean

and taking note of the silent passing of the city-sized cruise ships as they slip into the harbor

as the dive boats come and go. 

Then of course there is breakfast. Here at the Blue Angel, breakfast comes with the room and it is a most satisfying and delicious breakfast and you can get anything from oatmeal to omelets to protein shakes to Huevos Motulenos or chilaquiles. And so much more. For instance, today in an effort to try and be a little more sensible, this is what I had for my breakfast. 

Mr. Moon, who had oatmeal with apples yesterday went for the Eggs Benedict today which came with the traditional ham AND bacon. 
It all evens out. 

I just love this little place on the water. It is the farthest thing from a big resort you can imagine. The first thing I do when I get here is to take off my shoes and unless I leave the property or am going up to the restaurant to eat breakfast, they stay by the door. It is the sort of place where you can accidentally leave your phone or your purse on the table in front of your door and they will never be touched. There is a gardener who trims the little patch of lawn around the pool with almost micro-tenderness and he maintains many pots of plants which line the walkway. He has an area where he starts new plants, some rooting in coconut shells. 

It would be a dream job of mine to be his assistant. 

There is of course, Bagheera who is coddled and fed by all of the women who stay here who miss their own pet babies and who lounges in shady places and when she chooses a shady place by you, you feel as if you have been somewhat blessed. 

The people are friendly, both those who work here and those who stay here. The same employees are here year after year which says a lot. The lady-couple who have been staying next door to us are leaving today and I am sad to see them go. We have met people from all over the world here and everyone seems laid-back and chill. 

Oh my goodness! It has suddenly come up a shower and rain is pattering off the palm leaves. Mr. Moon is out on the bike, exchanging dollars for pesos. I hope he is careful. It's not much of a rain. I'm sure he'll be fine. 

Our plan for today is to drive down to Playa Corona to snorkel and sit and have lunch. We meant to do that yesterday afternoon and in fact, did drive down there but Mr. Moon forgot his bathing costume so we just sat and enjoyed the water and I got to see and hug and talk to Rogilio's beautiful wife and one of their daughters whom I remember holding as a BABY and now she's seventeen and beautiful and sweet and taller than her parents. 
The rain will probably come and go and who cares? It has already stopped. 

And of course there is always reading of real books to be done here and also napping and the sunset ritual. 

From last night.

And then deciding where to eat supper. Last night we ate at El Moro which has the best food and is way, way back in a neighborhood, always packed, and which disproves the "location, location, location" theory of business success. 

So. As you can see, I am very, very busy. I have not even gotten in a hammock once! That is how busy I am! I believe I shall remedy that situation today either here or down at Playa Corona. 

Well, Mr. Moon has returned. He missed the sun shower entirely. I suppose I better put my own bathing costume on and round up the necessary items for our Playa Corona activities. Books, towels, sunglasses, snorkel, fins, etc. 

A frigate bird floats above me against the blue sky and clouds, the gardener is hacking coconuts down from the tree with a machete. Bagheera has arrived to see if I have anything for her to snack on. 

It's a busy, beautiful life here. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. sounds like heaven! oh! it IS heaven. no wonder.

  2. This makes me want to get on a plane and come find you. Not to intrude of course. Maybe just to take over the room the lady couple just vacated and wave at you and your handsome man and take in those glorious views of the sea.

  3. It all sounds amazing. I remember that gardener from my visit -- I have a picture of him pottering around on the lawn with the sea in the background. Happy snorkeling!

  4. You sound relaxed and happy which is a very good thing. Your post made me smile this morning.

  5. I looked but I don't see any pictures of Bagheera? Have you posted any?


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