Saturday, December 1, 2018

Here. Sit Down. Let's Chat

Well, GW Bush died. I can't quite come up with a lot of sadness there. He was far from my favorite president and although everyone is praising him now for his kindness and politeness, I don't really remember that about him. Mostly I remember, "Read. My. Lips."
He had really thin lips.
Plus, he was 94. That's not a bad age to die.

I've felt better today but I haven't really done anything. I watched another movie. Julie and Julia. 
I'm probably the last woman in the US to watch this. I read the book years ago and am not sure why I never saw the movie. It wasn't bad. Meryl Streep is an actress whom I am never quite sure about. I mean, you CAN see her act. You never quite forget that she's acting. Of course, as you watch her doing this you're thinking, "Wow, she can really act!"
Do you see what I'm saying here?
Also, you never forget she's Meryl Streep. Who is one charming-as-hell woman! She's darling! She's precious! She's strong and she's so talented!
Oh, I don't know. I'm so judgey and have no right to be. I have to admit that I adored the parts of the movie that were about Julia Child. I enjoyed the parts about Julie the Blogger, too, but Julia's life was far more interesting to me than Julie's was. Perhaps because Stanley Tucci played Paul Child and it sure did look like they were having fun together. And Tucci is just a damn good actor in my book and I love the way he can inhabit a character.

Enough of that.
It's rained all day here in Lloyd. At least it isn't cold. Supposed to rain tomorrow too and get up to 76! Warm and soggy.
For frogs.
I barely stepped out of the door except to go pick some arugula and look for eggs and shut the chickens up. Mr. Moon went to town. He had some business to attend to and he also decided to go clothes shopping which he does about once a...well...never.
But he had to get a bathing suit for Cozumel and he got a few long-sleeved shirts for work and two nice, cozy plaid flannel shirts. It's difficult for my husband to find clothes because he's ridiculously tall. And has proportionally long arms. But he's not round. Big and Tall shops usually feature Big. I've never yet been able to walk into a store and find him a pair of pants that were long enough. Ever. When you ask a sales person if they have jeans with a 38 inch inseam they laugh and laugh.
But he found some things that fit him at Kohl's, believe it or not. I think I've been in there twice. It freaked me out.
Then again, what doesn't?
He even found a pair of shoes! Size 16. When he's out of town, I just leave a pair of his shoes on the porch to deter bad guys. It's worked so far.

I saw a headline today on FB from NPR. Here it is:

President George H.W. Bush's Choice Of Bold, Whimsical Socks Made Him A Style Icon

I cracked the fuck up. All it takes for a man to be a "style icon" is to wear bold, whimsical socks. 
And all Mr. Moon has to do to find some bathing trunks or whatever men call those things they swim in is to find a pair that are big enough around the waist. 
Again- Done. 
"Twelve dollars!" he said proudly. 
"That's great!" I said. And it is. Hell, they even have pockets. 

Meanwhile, I guess I have enough dresses for Cozumel. I have no shorts that fit me and I don't really plan on buying any. Linen dresses, mostly. I bought one off of e-bay that was not cheap. Not cheap at all. And damn if the thing doesn't make me look like a nicely embroidered cargo container. I think I might need to go see the tailor again for that one although it's not really the fault of the dress. My fanciest dress (and we'll be there for New Year's Eve) is one May found me at Goodwill two years ago. It is lovely. And no, the bathing suit I ordered online has not arrived. 
I suppose I should investigate that situation. 
Not that I'm going to like it when it gets here. 

I guess that's enough idle, meaningless chatter. 

I just went back and read some of my posts from the last time we were in Cozumel and now I'm crying a little. My god, but that place has my heart and my soul. This is what it looked like at sunset on New Year's Eve, 2016. 

I cannot wait to be blogging from Cozumel again. 
But until then, I'll be right here in Lloyd where it's good to be a frog, it's fine to be a chicken, and it ain't bad to be me. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm so glad you're going to Cozumel! You have earned it just by blogging and keeping people like me going with your posts, never mind all the chicken and children sustaining you do! I know what you mean about Big and Tall. I have found shopping J.Crew online to be life changing, especially for Christmas and birthdays. The have Regular, Slim and Tall fits and you can just shop by whichever you choose. Also, the clearance area is good.


    1. The problem is, is that most of the tall sizes in regular companies only fit men up to about 6'4" which leaves the really tall guys out. Have you had experience with finding sizes that would fit the giants among us? I'd love to know. I'll check J. Crew. Thanks!

  2. The only good that man did was signing into law the ADA, and that was overshadowed completely by other things, including war in the middle east...would not wish him dead but can't weep croc tears here, either. I'm glad you get to go to a heart place. I hope you'll love every minute.

    1. He DID sign the ADA law and that was good. But no, like I said- not my favorite president. And then of course he sired G. Bush and there you go.

  3. When I first met the big guy I didn't believe him when he told me how hard it was to find clothes. He's 6'5". I believe him now. Glad your big guy found some clothes.

    We took Miss Katie out to a swim meet put on by her new agency. She loved it! She wasn't in a wheelchair. She got to interact with everyone, lots of hugs and lots of clapping. Then we took her to McDonalds for supper and then home. What a difference. Katie was among her peers, everyone was so kind and welcoming. She was included, not segregated. This agency walks the walk. I am thankful.

    I'm blathering, probably because it's the middle of the night. Couldn't sleep. I hope you two have a wonderful time in Cozumel.

    1. Wow! The difference in Katie's life now and a year ago is unbelievable. I am SO glad for her and of course for you. Inclusion. Isn't that what we all want and need? Beautiful!

  4. you seem to get our weather though a day or two later. and I wish I was going to Cozumel. we haven't been there in forever.

    1. Oh, Ellen! You wouldn't recognize it! Well, maybe once you got back in the 'hood or over on the other side which is still without electricity. But the water is still gorgeous, the people are still so beautiful.

  5. I have an embroidered cargo container dress too! Got it this summer in Norway, when it was eleventy thousand degrees outside, and no air conditioning or wide-opening windows anywhere. It’s a soft blue Tencel fabric, sort of peasant style, very loose and floaty so I needn’t wear a bra. Heaven. Then after returning home I saw photos friends had taken. I was horrified at the blue cargo container I saw. No, more of the cargo ship. I can’t imagine wearing that dress again except to work in the garden. Cozumel sounds wonderful and I’ll look forward to being there vicariously.

    1. Oh my! Well, I'd say it's nice to be understood but I wish none of us had to experience these, uh, sartorial blunders. And honestly, it just doesn't matter. And yet, somehow, it does.

  6. That picture was taken just a few days after I saw you in Cozumel! Hard to believe it's already been two years. I think you should definitely take your embroidered dress to the tailor, at least for a consultation, just in case something can be done to make you like it a little more. I gotta say I do appreciate how easy it is to buy swim trunks! (I don't even own any swim trunks, come to think of it, but I have bought them in the past...)

    1. Yep! And wasn't that a good day? I loved tromping around Ixchel's ruins with you and Mr. Moon! I still wish we could have taken you to Chen Rio for the snapper though. Maybe one day!

  7. Replies
    1. Maria (Abuela) Luna is a much more content and peaceful person than Mary Moon is. I have to admit that.

  8. My computer was being fussy and sent my comment yesterday into oblivion.

    Although I feel no sadness about Bush's death, I am struck by how I've actually been a little nostalgic about the lesser evil of the Bushes compared to the monstrosity that is the Trump administration.

    Cozumel should be a lovely respite this time of year.

  9. Cozumel is your soul place, I believe that. But Lloyd has some of your heart, too.


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