Friday, March 18, 2016


Good morning coconut pirate. 

Good morning seashell and fishing lure. 

Good morning feet in clear water. 

Good morning curving shoreline, chirping osprey, seagulls, pine trees, coffee cup, sweetheart, still air, flat bay, jet plane flying overhead, old body, rocking chair, wonders and delights too many to list. 

Good morning. 


  1. And good morning to you! Your view is awesome!

  2. Beautiful. I can almost smell the salt air. And you seem transformed into the Queen of Chill, the chillest of the chill. Wonderful.


  3. Good morning - thank you for the quick view into calmness.

  4. Oo, I love your good morning story. I want to put my feet in that crystal water and walk on the white sand.

  5. Good morning.
    The shell in the final photo broke open my muse and for this I thank you most dearly. May we all be so worn and softened, used for our purposes and loved and tossed and caressed by wet salt.
    Cheers to you this fine morning.

  6. What beauty. The sand is so white! Ours is light brown ... about the colour of oatmeal cookies.

  7. This is a good post. No. It is a great post!

  8. This is Maggie, your grand daughter. I am so happy you and grand dad are having a good time but I need to suck your neck or something so hurry on home for me and Gus. Babyhood is hard and time goes by slow. We promise to let you kiss us just as much as you want. Ok Mer? Ok.


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