Thursday, September 26, 2013

And The Time Has Flown So Quickly As To Be Unbelievable

Oh, it's a gloomy day and Mr. Moon and I are feeling every one of our years and everything just seems overwhelming BUT.

Today is Owen's birthday and just for fun, if you want, go back and read

this where you'll find Owen's birth announcement.

And then maybe


Where you'll find pictures of his first day on earth.

Like this one.

Which is just about my favorite picture on earth.

Well, except for this one.

Or, you know, you could go look 

here  where you'll find pictures like this one which, okay, maybe is my real favorite.

Oh hell. They're all my favorites. 

How can he have grown this much in four years? 

It is the way of it. In four short years he has grown to be such a big boy, is a loving big brother, can carry on a very real conversation, and along with Gibson, is the joy of my life. 

Lily just posted a picture of him on Facebook. Here it is.

Happy birthday, Owen The Strong, Owen The Funny, Owen The Beautiful.

You are loved. 



  1. Happy birthday, Mary's Little Man!! Smooch him up, Mer Mer!

  2. I remember that day :) He's a beauty!!

  3. Owen, you've brought a lot of joy to a lot of us who've never met you! Happy Birthday, sweet Big Boy.

  4. Yay! Happy birthday, Owen! And happy birthing day, Lily. We all have grown to love your beautiful son!

  5. Happy Birthday, Big Guy ~ have a fun, fun day!

  6. Happy, sweet wonderful happy birthday Owen. love you and your Mom, Dad and Brother dearly

  7. Sweet boy. Happy Birthday. And happy grandparent anniversary to you and Mr. Moon.

  8. Happy birthday Owen! You have brought happiness to a whole bunch of us here with your little brother Gibson. You are the cutest of cute and the love of your grandma's heart. Congratulations to Lily and Jason for raising such fine boys and to you and Mr Moon for helping out and loving them the way you do and to all of you for sharing all that with us. BTW Mary I saw the video on my laptop of Owen exercising -- quite unique! Have a fun day! Sweet Jo

  9. You get finer every day Owen. We sure do miss you and hope you have a fun-tabulous birthday!!
    xoxo Mindy Marc & Griffin.

  10. time passes so fast. I'm glad you're making the most of Owen and Gibson!

  11. It could only ever be the most marvelous day. Happy Birthday dear Owen!

  12. Happy Birthday to the O'boy, who growing bigger and smarter every day. Y'all have one of your fabulous family parties and celebrate this boy! x0 N2

  13. I am sending birthday wishes to the old soul.

    ┉▕▔ ⒷⒾⓇⓉⒽⒹⒶⓎ ▔▏┉

  14. Oh, we've been so lucky to know this darling boy through you. What a treat. What a joy. Thank you for sharing him and thank you to his mom and dad too. 4 years, wow!!! Happy happy bday Owen!!!!

  15. Hard to believe that he is four. I have been reading you for several years now. He was just a wee thing when I started.


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