Friday, September 27, 2013

I got a call this afternoon inviting me to the scattering of ashes of Dottie, the woman who died this week. It was to be at Lichgate, in Tallahassee which is small piece of land with a beautiful old cottage on it and an oak tree which is a miracle of this universe and which Dottie loved.

The last time I'd been there was to film for Freddy and the time before that was for Lynn's last birthday. Lynn was my friend, Dottie's daughter, who died some years ago.

Mr. Moon and I went and I am glad we did.

We all stood in a circle and talked about Dottie and we laughed and cried and then we all took a handful of ashes and scattered them where we wanted. I put some of mine by the doorstep of the cottage because Dottie always welcomed everyone and I saw that as symbolic. I scattered some very carefully down the circular paths of the meditation mandala. A few tiny shards of bone, I put under a rosemary plant in the Shakespeare garden because rosemary is for remembrance.

Tomorrow is her funeral and we'll be going to that as well which will make two churches in one week that I have visited. This was my mother's church, too, where she sang in the choir for so many years.

What a year this has been. What a week this has been. What a life this has been.

All I can say is- love each other. I think that's all that matters.


  1. You are right. Love is all that matters. I am learning (and relearning) it everyday.

  2. Yes, you've had more extremes than any one person should have in one year... both deaths and celebrations. Your poor heart must be so weary and confused... Mine is just reading about it all sometimes!

    Would be so great if you and the Mr. could just take a few days off of everything and just hang out in your glorious space together... but that never seems to work.. at least with us. We always find something that needs doing that we just cannot resist. It's a nice thought though, huh?

  3. Yes, love is what matters. Do it now before the time to love is gone.


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