Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Arts, Martial And Otherwise

I had a great time in town this afternoon. It was definitely bra-worthy. Owen is the biggest kid in his class and also, the youngest. And I don't know if it's just because I know him so well or what, but he looks so much more mature than the other kids. Like they're...babies. 
Probably just a grandmother's perspective but whatever. 

Anyway, it was really fun, watching the baby-kids run through the obstacle course and sitting on their little spots and listening to the teacher and doing jump kicks and all that stuff. I was very proud of Owen because this is his first class experience and he is very good at listening. He had a little problem with the concept of waiting in line because he really wanted to run that obstacle course over and over but the teachers gently instructed him in waiting his turn, and all of these lessons are going to serve him well in life, not to mention kindergarten. 

Can I just say here that people who take on the job of instructing children are very, very special and wonderful human beings in my opinion? It takes a truly compassionate and sincerely patient person to do that and thank the lucky stars they do. I couldn't do it and I WOULDN'T do it. But I am so grateful for those who do. 

After the class, Lily and Owen and I went to Costco and Jason took Gibson home for a nap. For some reason, the Costco Experience today was hysterical. We laughed so much. Also- really good samples! We had watermelon, hummus and chips, pretzels and spinach dip, pork loin, macaroni and cheese, and dark chocolate with pomegranates. Owen also had veggie straws which I am suspicious of, frankly. Oh yeah, we had some of those Belvita breakfast biscuits which were completely awesome, even though I at first thought Lily said Velveeta, instead of Belvita and I was TOTALLY excited about the prospect of eating some of my favorite cheese-like substance. 
And no, we didn't buy any of that stuff except for a watermelon. 
We probably had enough calories to do for supper but of course we will manage to forget that. I'm cooking brown rice right now, as a matter of fact. 
The best part of the whole trip though, was when Owen ducked into the men's room after we'd dragged him into the ladies' room. He stood there, right where we could see him but where we couldn't see into the restroom and he saw his first urinals, I think, because he started yelling, "Come here! You have GOT to see this!" 
Really. He did. 
Lily and I were dying. We were laughing so hard. Obviously the child needs to visit a men's room with a man in the near future. 
I'm still laughing. 

On our way to the Costco, Owen had my phone, ostensibly to watch the video I'd made of him during class. When I got it back from him I realized he'd been back there taking pictures. Here's one he took of me. 

He took some of his mother too but all you can see is the headrest. 

Then to continue a theme, when he got home he started, all of a sudden, drawing portraits. 
Excuse me? 

Here's his grandfather.

Note the beard and glasses? 

And here's the one he did of me.

That's him and Gibson in there too. And I guess that's my bun, up top. And I have no idea what that detritus up above my bun is but it doesn't matter. That picture, that portrait of his grandmother with him and his brother is about the most precious thing I've ever seen in my life. 
And it looks exactly like me. 
Compare with the picture he took of me with my phone and you'll know I'm telling the truth. 

So yeah, it's been a good day and I plan on being asleep by eleven AT THE VERY LATEST and tomorrow I may actually go to an art opening. 

Roger Leonard is our neighbor on Dog Island and he painted the beautiful picture of our bay beach on the island which Mr. Moon traded for a Suburban. The picture, not the beach. We still own that. This is the picture that he says we are going to build a house around in Apalachicola. 

Works for me. And I haven't seen Roger or his wife Sammy in forever and they are A Plus, Number One Human Beings Who Are Sweet. So yeah, definitely a bra-worthy event. 

Now I have to go cut up an avocado. I hope it's been a good day for you, too. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. The thing with the pictures Owen drew, is that he has never drawn a recognizable thing ever in his life. Then bam he draws the whole family in like 5 minutes. Jason and I were shocked! Also that gooey bit is where Gibson spit up two seconds before Jason snapped the picture. Anyway I had the best time with you today. I love you dearly.

  2. Lily- Haha! The spit-up makes it even better. Children are just so amazing. The doors of their perception and ability are just waiting to be busted down, not unlike the board Owen broke in his class today.
    That boy.
    Those boys.
    I love them so much. And I love you too. Didn't we have fun today? Yes. We did.

  3. That precious child! I can't get enough of him. He looks so proud in that first picture. And the men's bathroom. That would have cracked me up too.

    The first 100 times I heard ads about those breakfast sandwiches I thought it was velveeta too. And I wondered why they were trying to make it sound special - I mean, it's velveeta! I didn't even feel dumb when I figured it out - why would you name something that totally rhymes with velveeta! duh

  4. Funny. I didn't even see this before sending the button with the little bra message!

    Owen is too funny for his own good and he comes by it naturally... What a guy.


  5. Owen looks so happy in the picture, such a big, genuine smile. The day sounds wonderful and those pictures are definitely keepers! I am glad you had fun. I've been trying to place myself in your family and I am either your eldest, in which case you would have had me at like 2 or your younger sister, Owen and Gibson's great Aunt. Great aunts just seem so far removed. But if I am adopted, I definitely could be Hank's older sister - as if he needs another girl.... Lost Sweet Jo

  6. I effing love kid art. I still have a drawing from Eden when she was four in my kitchen. She's 38 now.

    And yes, you look EXACTLY like that. I'd know you anywhere.

  7. The urinals! That is so funny!

    The pictures are the sweetest ever. I think they are frame worthy.

  8. Oh, God. I remember so vividly when Henry drew his first stick figures -- it's so weird to me how their brains click along and then, like Lily and you said, bust open. Next he'll figure out that the legs and arms are attached to a body and we'll be "whoa! how did he do it?"

    I know I've said it before, but I adore your Owen and Gibson posts. and that bun could double for a halo.

  9. Two bra-worthy events in as many days? You're on a roll.
    And don't you just love the art of children? I do, I do.
    I'm with you on the veggie straws. And those snap pea crisps. If I have one, I want the whole bag. Verrrry suspicious, I say. Crack peas.

  10. I love artwork from little kids -- it's always interesting to see what they notice and portray. It's always truthful, for better or worse!

    That's a gorgeous painting of the beach. Worth building a house around, I'd say.

  11. I can always welcome another sister, Miss Jo.

  12. I love those portraits. And I love that my daughter (6) came home and said her new teacher looks like Miss Moon! Yes, she did and what's more, she does! And we're both happy about that.
    Beautiful beach painting.

  13. Those drawings made me smile. Love the little kid drawings. My mother saved all of mine.

  14. This is my favorite Costco story ever!
    I love the drawings! Date them and keep them. My MIL did just that and after she passed away, the grandkids were all just so touched that she had kept their art.
    That painting is glorious!

  15. I love how you & Mr. Moon have two eyes, but the boys only have one each (or maybe their second eye is the smaller circle on their faces?). :)

  16. Aw, I love the drawing with your bun. What big eyes you have! :)
    Mr Moon's is fantastic too.

  17. Hank, thank you - I am honored. Sweet Jo

  18. Jill- Me too on the Belvita ads. And I had the same thought- why would you name your product that? Weird, right?

    Ms. Fleur- But you know me so well.

    Sweet Jo- Must we define these things? Just be one of us. There. Done.

    Beth Coyote- Me too. I have kid art from that long ago up too. It's the best, most true art in some ways.
    I am thinking of you being silent. I am sending silent love your way.

    Birdie- He was beside himself. He was like, "What ARE THESE THINGS???" I'm still laughing.

    Elizabeth- Kids are just so fucking wonderful in some ways, aren't they? And it's funny about the bun. I never wear it on top of my head but it's definitely always there for the most part. And that must be a defining feature of mine for Owen.

    Denise- Yeah. What's up with those fried vegetables as snack food? They taste too good to be wrong. They must have a jillion grams of fat in them. And yes, I do love kid art. You should see my house. You'd know.

    Steve Reed- It is very interesting as to what they notice.
    And I think that you, like Mr. Moon, are right about that painting. It is gorgeous.

    Mr. Downtown- And anyone would be lucky to have you for a brother. Kiss!

    Bugerlugs- WHAT! I have a twin? I hope she's really sweet and a good teacher. She better be.
    That's so precious that your daughter thought that.

    Syd- Mothers are like that. We think that everything our children (and, sigh, grandchildren) do is genius.

    Heartinhand- Don't worry. Those pictures will be saved.

    The Bug- I think the boys also have two eyes. You just have to look. I think that Owen is the one with hair.

    Bethany- And such a tiny mouth I have! I think those big eyes may represent my glasses.

  19. Those portraits are fantastic!! They DO look exactly like you both. I love baby art.


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