Sunday, September 1, 2013

Where Did She Go?

I give up.
I went to let the chickens out, to throw their scratch, to feed B.B. and well, B.B. isn't there. Completely disappeared.
What the damn hell?
I've circled that coop over and over and there are no tunnels into it. Mr. Moon sunk that wire into the ground. The gaps at top he filled in yesterday. And yet, there is no mistake about it- that chicken is gone.

Well. So it goes.
And yet, I am heartsore about it.

Beside that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

Oh, it's a beautiful day. Not too hot yet, sweet air and sun, dirt still wet from yesterday's shower. September 1st and another month of birthdays begins. From the 25th until the 29th we have five- Shayla, Owen, Lily, Vergil and Billy. There is a plan afoot to take Owen and Gibson this month to see the mermaids at Weeki Wachee and that is always a favorite family trip. Simple and easy and two days is more than enough and that will include the water park. Mr. Moon is about to go gator hunting and so will spend his nights for the better part of a week cruising the back branches of the unbelievably beautiful rivers in Franklin County.

But what will I do with this quiet day given to me today? I am not sure. Perhaps I'll put on my overalls and get in the garden and do some more clean-up in preparation for fall's garden. It's time for that. Lily just called and wants to come over for a nap. She was up all night with Gibson and had to be at work at six and is suffering a funky sinus thing so yes, of course. I've tidied the bed and she can lay down in there, it's like a cave, cool and dark, and if she wants, I'll heat her up some soup I made the other night which has peppers enough to clear out sinuses, and garlic and lemon juice, too.

Maybe B.B. will show up. Maybe she flew the coop and is around here somewhere, being shy to come out.
Oh, I doubt it so but maybe.

Here's a blurry picture of what happens around here most mornings when I go outside to get the paper and feed the cat:

Miss Honey from next door who makes our place a second home who also enjoys a morning toss of cat food. She lays an egg almost every day in a nest in the garage that Mr. Moon set up for her but is never part of Elvis's harem. She goes her own way, that Miss Honey. She is a mild and lovely hen. 

Lily is here now and settled into my bed, I am drinking a smoothie with fruit and yogurt and almonds. It's getting on into the morning. The train is going by, the magnificent iron beast which squeaks and squeals down the track beside the chicken coop many times a day and night. Every time I hear it now, I will think of how Gibson in the dark night, would hear the horn and grab me tight, not crying out, just wanting me close to protect him from the sound of that rolling thunder of a train. 

I wish we could always protect our babies so easily but we cannot. 

I hope you're having a good Labor Day weekend. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, Ms. Moon. Yesterday my comment said sorry about Baby's loss and now I realized I was getting mixed up. I am unslept. Sorry.

    But now I see that my comment was a dark foreshadowing. Damn it all.

  2. Condolences. I do hope she turns up. I so enjoy reading about your chickens. I love your love for them.
    And if I were a chicken, I'd want to be like Miss Honey.

  3. I hope you get BB back... remember Baby use to roost in trees did she not? Maybe BB has some kind of trick up her sleeve too and will reappear.

    Something that worked REALLY well for us is motion sensor lights out where we kept the bunnies. When the predators come at night they are startled and freak out and just go away. Or so it seemed for us. Maybe Mr Moon could hook it up... coudn't hurt, might help. Might also help deter opportunist thievery..??

    Good luck. Weekie Watchie sounds so good to me right now.

  4. Oh I hope BB comes back. If not, that would be so, so sad. I think it's the story I make up in my mind about the heartbreak of the baby after her mama's death and I don't know if chicken's are capable of heartbreak. I feel sad about this 2nd possible loss. I'm glad you have their pictures anyway to remind you of the wonder of having them.

    I hope Lily gets her rest and is feeling better by the time she has to go to work.

    And the real name of the spider is beautiful, I just wish I could get over my fear of creepy crawly and big big yours is. You probably wouldn't bat an eye if this spider fell on you, would you?

    I am glad you write here and share as you do. I truly enjoy coming here each day and reading about you and your family and your chickens and every little thing you have to say. You are so real and unpretentious, like a breath of fresh air. You are a writer that could write a book one couldn't put down. Thank you for being so you. Sweet Jo

  5. I told my man yesterday that I think the best writing happening now is on blogs and I was thinking of you and some others here and I am so glad I get to be in communion with you in real time. As life unfolds. But oh I am sorry about BB and Baby and I pray BB comes back soon. But is there anything sweeter than Lily calling her mama in need of a respite and knowing her mama will prepare the bed and that she will be able to sleep with the deepest peace and her mama will feel that peace too? What love you have wrought Mary Moon. It shines.

  6. Birdie- Oh honey. It's okay because now it's true for both of them.

    Denise- I think I would too. She seems quite independently-minded.

    Ms. Fleur- Yeah, well, that would probably be a good idea but it's too late for those two chickens now, dammit.

    Sweet Jo- Hell yes, if that spider fell on me I'd be screaming! I just know that spiders aren't really apt to fall on a person. Now I could definitely run into one on a web and I'd probably scream then, too! I like them...from a distance. No desire to touch one.
    And thank you for what you said about my writing. I really appreciate that and I appreciate you.

    Angella- You know. It WAS peaceful, having Lily here. How nice to know that your children think of you and your home as a place of peace and refuge. And...soup! Even for a short time. And you know what? I agree with you about the writing on blogs. Some blogs. I read columns in the paper and think, "Hell. And that person is getting PAID?" There is so much good writing going on and all of it for the love. Which...I don't know. Is that good? Well, it is for those of us lucky enough to read it. And honey, your blog is one of them I feel extremely lucky to read.

  7. Well, shit. What a terrible run of fortune in the chicken coop. And a locked-door mystery to boot. :(

  8. I'm sorry to hear of the second tragedy to strike the coop. Honestly, my Chinese doctor (the beloved Dr. Jin)suffered through a chicken massacre about a year ago, and she's been unable to get more such was her own heartache. So I get it, I think.

  9. Mama D- Seriously. How? HOW?

    Elizabeth- I know it seems so crazy but we do get attached to these birdly creatures. And Baby was so brave and so smart. Well. You know. Damn.

  10. I hate it when one of the chickens disappears. I want BB back.


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