Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Just met Ethan, the guy in charge of this tree-removing operation.
He used to be an arborist in North Carolina and has also spent two years "overseas."
I'd trust that man to do anything.
He said it was going to take them most of the day but it was no big deal.
He also said we've got some of the biggest and oldest live oaks he's ever seen in his life.
And that Downy fabric softener, sprayed from a bottle, is the best mosquito repellent that he's ever used.
I feel like I might learn a lot today.

I'm sort of excited, to tell you the truth.


  1. Huh. No big deal. I wish that all of life's problems would be so. Even mosquitos! Downey and no big deal shall be the mantra today.

  2. You give this Ethan my number. ;)

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The mosquitos are making me crazy this year! When I did chemo nine years ago, they stopped coming near me. This year all of a sudden I'm a prime target for them. Thank you so very much.

  4. Ok gonna try that downy thing tonight! (Of course that means going to the store, so maybe tomorrow night).

  5. I need him up here pronto. Just kidding, but it has taken me many days with this tree and I'm still not done.

  6. Downey fabric softener?! No kidding! I'd heard that about Avon's Skin So Soft, but never about Downey.


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