Friday, September 13, 2013

Of all the live oaks I've ever seen, the one next door to me, that one, right there, is the most amazing. I believe it emits its own light. It is ancient as the Druids and I do worship it. Not with ceremonies or anything like that, just with my own human thoughts and heart.

It is Friday night. I am making a supper as balls-to-the-wall as that tree. Okay, maybe not. But still. It involves stone ground grits and cheddar cheese and bacon and shrimp and bread baking in the oven right now which has absolutely no redeeming whole-grain goodness in it at all. It is a glory, that bread, rising so high it threatens the top of the oven and it is being raised by sourdough.

Life is short. What we do and eat may make it shorter. There may be a huge battle between quality and quantity. Tomorrow we may eat bitter greens which I do love and that may be fine.

It is Friday night.

I sip my martini and then slice green onions and stir grits into boiling water.

Ay-yih and whoop-ay-aye.

Tomorrow I will weed and dig and prepare the garden. Tonight I saute the shrimp in bacon grease.

That tree will not care and the light will fall on us all.  The world will go on.

Bless our hearts.



  1. Yay for enjoying what life has to offer!

  2. Happy Friday Ms. Moon. Enjoy what life has to offer this weekend.

  3. I love the pictures you paint with words. That tree looks so amazing.

  4. You're getting super religony, here. The good kind, though.

  5. No clavicles, as you said on Elizabeth's blog. :) But good for you. It's Friday, after all. :)

  6. Oh, god, I used two smiley-face emoticons in that comment. That is definitely overkill. I take one of them back.

  7. I worship that tree along with you. It's positively holy.

  8. Sylvia- Sometimes we enjoy the arugula and sometimes we enjoy the bacon. Hopefully it all works out.

    Mr. Shife- I intend to. Thank you, sir.

    Gradydoctor- That picture doesn't begin to do it justice. It is majestic.

    Elizabeth- Alcohol brings out the worshipper in me.

    Steve Reed- It was mighty delicious. I'll say that.
    You can have one of your emoticons back if you want it.

    Yobobe- It truly is.

  9. I need to find some good grits recipes. I got some grits when I was in Florida a few months ago and so far I haven't used them at all. Same with coconut flour.
    I have eaten grits in the past and like it but I've never tried the coconut flour. I don't want my attempt at doing something different in the kitchen to fail just because I let the packets sit there until they go off!

  10. I miss that tree. You know the circumference measures 41 feet. (That is going under the Wisteria vine which is tree sized it's own self.) So we were as accurate as we could be.

    I hope it stays. I sort of fear for it's future. Did you get some plants?

  11. Jenny Woolf- I just cook the grits with water and salt like it says on the package. If I'm especially not worried about what I'm eating, I will put shredded cheese in them to make cheese grits. They're delicious.
    I have no idea what to do with coconut flour. I didn't even know that was a thing.

    Ms. Fleur- What are you worried about with the tree? No one can cut it down without an act of congress. It will die one day and in fact, it is probably dying now but it takes hundreds of years for a tree that size to actually die all the way. I just dug up about three little plants. They will probably die, however.

  12. Beautiful old tree. I think that live oaks are so magnificent but most old growth trees truly are magnificent. The Red Woods knock me out too but not like the live oak does. I'm too much of a southern boy not to love those oaks more than any other.

  13. Syd- The redwoods are so huge that they don't even register as trees to me. But they are magnificent and I love them.


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