Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday morning and I have biscuits made up, rolled out, laying on the baking sheet like little white soldiers, ready to face the fire. Also, deer sausage, cuddled up in a skillet, waiting for the same.
I think I have people coming to breakfast. It was a bit of a vague plan made last night but I sure hope they're coming. I love these people. I want more time with them.

Have you heard about Diana Nyad's latest attempt to be the first person to swim from Cuba to Key West without a shark cage? It's her fifth try and she's 64 years old and she left Cuba on Saturday and from all reports is less than ten miles from her goal.
She is my hero today.
This is news I can heartily endorse.
The whole thing about Syria baffles me. How in the world do we punish a government for killing its people by going to war against them? Obviously there is a huge gap in my understanding of the situation. And it scares me.
War and war and war and when is war ever the answer?

It is getting hot and the bugs are buzzing to prove it. I need to let the chickens out to range and roam. I am thinking about Diana Nyad, sixty-four years old, swimming her way towards Key West, forty-seven strokes per minute. I am thinking of the human spirit and how it can keep a dream alive, make a body stronger than seems possible.
I am cheering her on.

Happy Labor Day, y'all. Be safe.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Forty-seven strokes a minute is a good reminder of just how much a minute can hold. Happy Monday. xo

  2. We're upset that someone in Syria used chemical weapons and yet we spray our own country with neurotoxins. and lets not forget our love of napalm in Vietnam. So I guess chemical weapons are only bad if other people use them.

    and yah, it's hot here too but I do believe we are going to have an early fall. the mississippi kites seem to have already left.

  3. sixty four and swimming from cuba to key west. i'm in awe.

  4. It looks like she has made it! Less than 2 miles to go! (As of 15 minutes ago.)

  5. Yay! For Diana and for you! Biscuits already. It's shaping up to be a fine Monday.

  6. I don't get the Syria thing either. But hopefully, with the delay and asking Congress for their approval, there will be cooler heads prevailing and the President will realize that war is not the answer for this.

  7. An amazing woman! so glad she did it safely.

    re Syria, I'm not sure there has even been proof that the chemical weapons were unleashed by Assad not the rebels ... although heaven knows Assad has been bad enough

  8. Lisa- Isn't that just the truth?

    Ellen Abbott- Pay attention to the birds. They will tell us the real news.

    Angella- I am struck almost dumb. Incredible.

    Birdie- The most exciting thing I can remember not including my grandsons' births.

    Yobobe- They were mighty fine biscuits. Especially with homemade blackberry jam.

    Syd- It looks like it's happening. I do not understand.

    Jenny Woolf- Y'all have a completely different perspective. And it is valid.

  9. As you know, I am with you on your doubts about Syria. I think Obama feels he needs to do something to show that he is strong in his defense of Israel (as Syria's chemical weapons are perceived as a huge threat to Israel). Seems to me that using force there will merely stir up the hornet's nest and make things even more dangerous.


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