Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Start Me Up

Out of the blue at 5:30 this morning I was struck by heartburn for no apparent reason. I had spinach and rice casserole for supper last night and then some graham crackers. Almost a nursery supper.
Anyway, la-di-dah, and sometimes these things happen and of course I stayed up too late, finishing a book I really enjoyed.

Some books are dense like dark, rich earth and require that you bring a shovel to the reading in order to dig down to get it all but this one was more like lace. Right there, laid out and lovely, and from what I've read it's highly autobiographical and it deals with the children of holocaust survivors, women's issues with food, and rock stars. Among other things. 
It begins and ends pretty much with Mick Jagger so you know I loved it. 

So yes, I stayed up late to finish that and woke up early to suffer from heartburn but it's okay. It's a beautiful morning here in Lloyd and I have the sheets in the dryer already and I'm about to take the trash and the boys are coming in an hour and so I need to make a round of smoothies and Mr. Moon may be coming home tonight. Gary the Canadian flies out tomorrow morning so I would think this to be the case although we haven't discussed final plans yet.
No gators have been harmed this trip as far as I know but I haven't heard anything this morning. I will be glad when I get that man home. I am fine alone but it is not quite right, somehow, after a few days. I have not fallen into complete sodden slobbishness and have kept up with the dishes and the sweeping and so forth and even went to Monticello last night for a rehearsal which I enjoyed, but still. 

I miss the boy. The man. The grandfather. My sweetie. 

And there you go. The firespike is blooming, sun is puddling up gold all over the back yard, there will playing and pretending here soon. Yesterday in the car, Owen was pretending to be Buzz Lightyear and he asked me if I'd like to go out on a date with him. 
"Oh yes," I said. "Where shall we go? Dinner, a movie, dancing?"
"Chick-Fil-A!" he said. Buzz Lightyear obviously has no political offense against the establishment. 
"Okay," I said. "I'm hungry."
"Let's go, baby!" said Buzz. "But first I have to tell you. I not a man. I a child. I play first."
Chick-Fil-A has an awesome play place which is why Buzz (and Owen) love it. I doubt Owen's ever eaten more than two bites of a sandwich there. 

So yes, like that. And Gibson will talk and talk and talk and I will have no idea what he's saying 90% of the time but I'll agree with everything he says and we'll do the Eensy Weensy Spider and oh, you know- it'll be fun. 

The Rolling Stones will be playing. 

Better than caffeine.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Big smiles from here.

    And I'll confess that I've actually gone to Chick Fil A TWICE since the boycott. I feel terrible about it. Sort of.

  2. I wish I had a *like* button for these posts :)

  3. Okay, so not being a big creature eater, I'm kinda relieved for the gator, I have to admit. But growing up with hunters, If I did eat more creatures, I would prefer them to be hunted by myself or someone I know, so I'm a little disappointed. I'd like to read about the adventure, hear how you cook it, whom you serve it to, etc. Ain't goin to be eating any gator here on the left coast.
    Anyhow, hoorary for reunion--even without gator stew.

  4. Indeed better and more fun than caffeine! I hoe that your heartburn feels better and your Mr comes home and you have as perfect a day as can be. Sweet Jo

  5. oh always with you I get to read just what I need ti hear.....brilliant!!x

  6. OH gosh, I just love that exchange between you and O, esp the I must tell you... line.
    So wonderful and perfect!

  7. I needed to read this lovely, loveliness today. I loved the part about getting the round of smoothies ready for the boys. I just liked all of it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Elizabeth- Haha! I love you.

    Jo- Ah. But getting comments is so much better than a like button.

    Denise- Guess I won't be gettin' those gator boots, huh? And I really am grateful not to be making fried gator tail.

    Sweet Jo- It's the next day and all is truly well. Truly.

    Young At Heart- Oh honey. That makes me happy.

    Bethany- He says some things that are just so mature in the wording. He cracks me up.

    Nicol- The chickens got a lot of that smoothie as Owen tipped his over while outside with it. Chickens love smoothies, it turns out.

  9. Sounds like a fun time. I know that you miss Mr. Moon when he is gone. That's a good thing.


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