Thursday, September 19, 2013

Web Log With Soundtrack

This is what a lot of today looked like. I got one million and eighteen hugs and kisses from that child. I counted them. I have no idea why he was so lovey but he was, and I'm not looking that particular gift horse in the mouth. He's always affectionate but today was over the top.

Oh, Lord, I am so exhausted. It was a truly good day with lots of pretend and playing and those aforementioned kisses and Gibson is saying "dog" now and also, he sings along with the Rolling Stones when they say "Baby" which is quite often. About fourteen times a song, perhaps. Something like that.
"Baybee," he says. Uh-huh. We swung and we talked to the spider and we did Eensy Weensy and we fed the chickens and the goats and we walked on the railroad track (yes, yes we did) and we read and we did blocks. Okay, I didn't do blocks. Owen did. Here he is, building a triceratops. I'm impressed, quite frankly.

Lunch was eaten. Cheese toast, pineapple and apples. Gibson cleaned up after himself. I like that in a boy. 

Very industrious child. Owen is too. When I was cleaning up today, one of the things I did was to unpack an old suitcase of mine that he plays with. It held about five pounds of blocks and two wooden reindeer. And a few dice. 

At 2:30 I got Owen into his Taekwando outfit and myself into my going-to-town outfit and loaded up the car with all the stuff that's accumulated over here in the past few days which belongs at their house, put the children in their seats and took them to Publix where their mother took over and transported them to Taekwando. I did my grocery shopping, went to the library, came home, spent about an hour tidying up, and started supper. 

So yes, exhausted.

Tomorrow will be the first day in six days that I will not be with them. Will we make it, being separated so cruelly? 

I have a feeling I will. I have a feeling I'll be pretty much fine. But lacking in kisses and hugs. Sorely. 

Here's the Rolling Stones from when they played Glastonbury in July. The song is Tumbling Dice and it has the best BAYBEES! as far as I'm concerned. 

You don't have to watch it. I promise. I just needed to put it there because it's part of the soundtrack of my day with the boys.

Tumbling dice. Baybee. Baybee. Uh-huh.

Time to cook the broccoli.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. At 11 months my daughter was humming Nirvana. It blew me away.

  2. Love you're smile in that first one!

    This is just lovely.

  3. That boy loves his MerMer. And I do too.

  4. Those boys are beautiful, and it is a pleasure to see you with a big smile on your face. Thanks for the Rolling Stones, too.

  5. I love your grandmotherness!

    I also love that rug and high chair. And I know you hate them but that dog's face is precious.

  6. Lisa- Babies are so damn swell and amazing.

    Nicol- It's hard not to smile like that when Gibson is turning the love on ya.

    Angella- I love you too, dear woman.

    e- You are welcome!

    heartinhand- I love my grandmotherness too. That rug is fairly new. That sweet dog and his sister ruined the one it replaced. He always hangs around Gibson when he's eating. I found the highchair somewhere. I forget. It was pretty cheap and it's a good one.

  7. What a pair of smilers in that top picture! Gorgeous.
    I hope you're enjoying a well deserved rest today x

  8. Awesome day! Gibson seems to suddenly be becoming a big boy.

  9. This is off topic, but I think you will love an article on ireporters this morning. It's about Pastor Jeremiah Steepek. It was to be his first day as a new pastor at the church in Fullerton, Ca. He dressed as a homeless man before the service and was mistreated by the church members. They he gave a sermon about what had happened. So awesome! Brought me to tears. P.S. This is from Suz. I don't know how to sign in other than anonymous, sorry.

  10. Bugerlugs- Afraid not. I need to clean today. Desperately.

    Jill- He is!

    Suz- Thanks, sugar. I saw this a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, it didn't shock me at all.

  11. Little Gibson is a trip! I think that you will survive--barely.


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