Thursday, May 7, 2020

Well, I Did It

I took my walk this morning and did some laundry and made the bed and took a shower and washed my hair and put on a dress and earrings and even a bra-like garment and why I did those things I do not know because I had no plan to see anyone on our little trip to the coast but my husband.
Perhaps I felt as if he deserved a break from Raggedy Mary.
Our plan was to call a barbecue restaurant on the way down to get some lunch to go and we did that. I was so excited! Food I didn't cook! Hurray, hurray!
And I was still excited when I took this picture.

We had pulled over to a shady spot to eat our lunches on the tailgate of the truck and I had chicken and macaroni and cheese too as well as coleslaw. 
The chicken was okay. I could not eat the coleslaw or the mac and cheese. Completely inedible. 
To me. Mr. Moon did okay with his mac and cheese and his beans were the best thing in the whole two orders. He shared them with me. 
"They didn't even give us our dinner roll!" I lamented. 
Poor baby. 

But the bay looked like this.

If you look very, very hard you can see Dog Island on the horizon. 

So we rode through the woods and we road along the bay and we got to East Point where the marina is and we dropped off the boat. On the way home we stopped in Carrabelle to buy seafood to bring home. Stone crab claws and rock shrimp. 
Have you ever had rock shrimp? They are like tiny lobsters and a lot of people don't even know they exist and a lot of other people do know but they think the meat is too hard to get out of the shells which are a bit sturdy. But they are SO good. 

And then we drove back through the woods and all the way to Lloyd and I survived. I did. I got a little anxious but I suppose it was good to get out of the house, out of my comfort zone and I did not personally talk to anyone but my husband. I think he was the only person in the entire county wearing a mask which he wore when he went into an establishment. People are insane. And I will admit that it's so easy to relax our vigilance as time passes and we may not even know anyone who has gotten the virus, much less died from it but instead of thinking, well gee, this is nothing, we should be thinking, this self-isolating thing is working! but no, we're stupid humans who think that masks are a bore and a pain and that it's really time to get a haircut and how can that hurt? and by the way, my nails are in such a state! and I'd kill for a lunch out. 
Well. Fuck it. 
This pandemic is not a vast conspiracy and hospitals aren't getting rich by padding the numbers of who has the virus and doctors and nurses are not holding their phones up to dying patients so that their loved ones can say good-bye because they're getting some sort of weird pleasure out of it. 
This is really happening and no one is behind the screen directing it all for some deviant twisted reason and scientists have been warning us for years that this day was going to come and to be ready and we just weren't. 
Animals have been passing viruses and bacteria to humans since before we were humans and it's not because of vaccinations and it's not because of mad scientists and it's not because of politics. 

Well. That's what I have to say tonight. 
I went away and I came back. I ate some food that wasn't delicious. I am now going to make some food that will be. 

Please be safe, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm glad you had a great Day Out with your Love... sorry the food wasn't delicious, but your Home Cooking would be a tough act to follow I'm sure!

  2. Your husband looks pretty content with the inedible food, anyway. Well done on getting out and surviving. Not joking, it's hard to manage those feelings that I don't want to name for fear of waking them.

  3. Looking across at America from over here, it is easy to see that too many people have been letting their guards down. Trump's careless leadership has not helped. He should have been preaching caution but all he cares about is his own re-election. It was good for you to see that the world beyond Lloyd still exists.

  4. I tried, but couldn't see Dog Island, unless it's on the very, very right. I don't trust anyone to make good mac and cheese but me and my sister. My daughters used to, too, thirty or forty years ago, when I last remember their cooking.

  5. Isn't it frustrating when you spend money at a restaurant and you realize you can make it better?

    I'm glad you got out and yeah, tRump is an idiot, aided and abetted by many stupid and or greedy people. The virus isn't going away. We're in it for the long haul.

    I have to admit though that I'm not so fearful as I was before, which scares me. We went to the dog park but made sure we stayed at least six feet away from everyone, even the people who kept coming closer. At work we haven't had a single COVID patient which is wonderful. Our patients take isolation very seriously, they know how dangerous any infections are for them.

    I'm glad the two of you got out for a nice drive and the photo of the bay is so beautiful. I'm sad I won't get to see the ocean this year.

    Stay safe my friend.

  6. I'm glad you got out for a bit but I'm sorry the food wasn't good. I am wanting some food that I didn't cook but at the same time I'm afraid I may not like it! I still have not gone anywhere but the local grocery store. I'm getting more frustrated at the number of people that act like Covid is just in the minds of those of us that wear masks. Maybe they are trying to rationalize going back to normal but it sure worries me. I've had a real uneasy feeling recently.

  7. we Americans are stupid and entitled and think that because we are the richest country in the world that nothing can touch us. hello. the human race has been decimated over and over by diseases. and sad to say, it was time for another culling of the herd. apparently. I don't intend to be culled. I'm not going out til there's a vaccine. even if it doesn't kill me if I get it, it's a horrible disease to get. my own trip to San Antonio next week is going to be like traveling in a personal safety pod. no unnecessary stops, no stops except one for gas. maybe I'll even fix up a couple of bags of kitty litter!

  8. Sorry the food wasn't delicious! At least you got to eat it in a nice setting. Nobody likes those little cups of coleslaw that get served with barbecue, do they? And yet it's such a thing. (I usually DO eat them but mostly out of a sense of obligation.)

    Your characterization of the human reaction to the coronavirus is spot-on. Everybody's going to say "isolating is an unnecessary waste of time" rather than realize we don't have total chaos BECAUSE we were isolating. At the beginning of the pandemic I remember some people saying that -- you can't prove a negative. They knew how the story was going to be spun.

  9. A little adventure! Sounds great about now. We are still hunkered down, having the neighbor boy mow our grass- we let it go too long, I like it and so do the rabbits but, there are rules living in this neighborhood, so our two foot tall grass will be shorn today. That is my adventure. Glad you could locate an undergarment, I would be hard pressed!

  10. That bra-thingy - I seem to remember one of them, but only vaguely!

  11. An outing! We’re due for one here too.


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