Friday, May 15, 2020

No Title

Well, this is probably going to be pretty short because I have a lot on my mind right now. There's a situation and I'm not being cryptic for the sake of being cryptic here but I haven't checked with all involved as to what they think about me writing about it.
Everyone is okay and everyone is going to be okay but still, it's a real thing and I'm fairly preoccupied at the moment.

Other than that (how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?) all is well. Completely normal day. A walk and as it gets hotter here, they take more out of me. Laundry done, bed linens washed and hung on the line and now back on the bed. I made more pimento cheese which is Mr. Moon's go-to for pandemic snacking.

I finished one crossword and did another in record time. Perhaps I am becoming brilliant.
Perhaps snowballs are forming in hell.

We are having a gourmet all-American supper tonight. I have gourmet homemade hotdog buns rising, gourmet baked beans in the oven, gourmet all-beef hotdogs resting in their package and ready to cook, and gourmet potato salad in the refrigerator. Oh! And there will be gourmet roasted corn on the cob.
We don't need no stinking green vegetable.

I'll make sure we have plenty tomorrow.

It's Friday.
Oh, y'all. Let us all be well.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I hope everything works out that is currently preoccupying your Mind. The Gourmet Meal sounds wonderful, my Mouth is watering... I quit eating meat two years ago but the Vegan fake Hotdogs are pretty decent and I can't tell the difference... and Burger King's Impossible Burger is so good that The Man can't even tell the difference. Which, if we end up with a meat shortage, he may have to join me in the meatless menu options? *LOL* I loved the Rooster standing on a Rooster Welcome Mat, so Cute!

  2. Hope all is well. It's free for all Friday here so I don't cook, the big guy gets take out and I eat whatever the fuck I want:)

    Stay safe my friend.

  3. sending good energy along this virtual medium in hopes all is well....... your dinner sounds right up my alley. ;-). and love Liberace on the rooster mat.........too cute!
    He must know, right?
    Hugs to you
    Susan M

  4. Do not forget the friday martini, and may all be well.

  5. Good dinner there. And good for you on maintaining discretion about someone else's situation. It's hard to resist telling all, but sometimes it's right.

  6. Sending good wishes to you and your family. I hope whatever is going on resolves quickly and well. Your supper sounds wonderful to me. I had a Beyond Burger.

  7. Pimento and cheese is Mr. Moon's go-to snack pretty much anytime, isn't it?! So glad the situation worked out OK.


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