Thursday, July 25, 2019

Yep. It Sure Is Summer

It was a real summer day here today although not too hot. We are still having our "cold front." It got up almost to ninety and actually maybe a little above but you'd be surprised at the difference between ninety and ninety-eight.
Or perhaps you wouldn't.
I took my walk on White House Road today and it made me yearn for those days when I was walking five and six miles a day on it and the little roads that run off of it. Perhaps when it gets cooler I'll up my distance again. It's just too hot now to attempt that. But it was nice to be back on that pretty road.

Lily and I decided to meet at the river and we did. I got there first and set up my chair and took a quick dive in and it was an almost-perfect day to be there. Very few people. Mostly mothers with children and some of those were the Christian homeschool mothers and say what you will, those children are exceptionally well-behaved. The moms had brought a canopy thing and a table and their chairs and I don't think I saw one of them get out of their seat the entire time.
Lily and the kids arrived and as soon as sunscreen was applied they went right to it- playing in the water and on the beach. A woman and her husband and their four sons showed up, the oldest twelve, the youngest a mere two months. He was such a squishy, chunky little man and Lily and I crushed hard on him. The mama looked so young and she was seemingly a very happy woman. The dad held the baby a lot and Maggie asked if she could use their boogie board and they graciously said she could. Then she insisted that the oldest boy pull her on it in the water and he graciously did as she asked. That Maggie. She wants what she wants and she isn't shy about asking. At one point today Owen, who was eating a giant dill pickle, philosophically mused, "I don't know how we live with her."
He is getting so grown up. He went to my car to get the extra chair out for his mama and when I left he helped me carry my things back to my car. Wasn't it just yesterday when I was carrying HIM around? Oh, how I love that boy.
Gibson has a very interesting bruise on his back from where he fell out of his bunk and down to his brother's the other day. He actually smashed the frame of the lower bunk but the boys like it because it's more cave-like now, with the mattress on the floor.

And then I came home and I took a nap that lasted far longer than I had intended. I woke up and tried to catch up on my chores and sort of did and am not very worried about it. It's been a good day to be languid. And I have been.

When I woke up I found a text from Jessie to me and Lily saying that she had tried to take a nap by letting the boys watch something on video but that Levon had bounced on her and pinched her the entire time although she did somehow fall asleep about four times. Lily answered that she, too, had taken a rather interrupted nap. I wrote back that all they had to do was to wait another thirty or so years and that they, too, could take lovely naps with no interruptions. That this was something to look forward to. Indeed, a reason to live!
And it's true. And they won't believe how fast that time goes.

Y'all did see this, right?

If not, go HERE to read about it. 
Yeah, someone got fired. And that person deserves a medal. And national recognition. 
Oh, you just gotta laugh sometimes. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. it has been unbelievably pleasant here just edging 90 or 91 but no humidity and a clear blue sky. one more day and that will probably be the end of it. I got out in the yard a couple of times knowing I should take advantage of it but I didn't get a whole lot done.

    Maggie's got it right, can't get it if you don't ask.

    I don't know if that guy did that on purpose or not, I hardly think so since he worked for that group but just points out how dumb his supporters are. unfortunately these are fairly young people.

    1. It's been pretty fine here, too, weather-wise. I'm not complaining.
      Maggie has no problem asking for what she wants. Trust me.

  2. The guy that created the seal is a disillusioned Republican. The image has been out there for awhile. So far I haven't seen anything that said if it putting it up was deliberate or not. I think it's hysterical, I hope it's embarrassing for the administration.

    1. I think it was on purpose. I don't care what anyone says. Maybe I'm just hoping it was.

  3. Ohhh What a wonderful day! I can see it all in my mind as I read your post, Maggie and the Boogie board, the homeschooling moms and that precious little baby!
    I was going to ask you in your last post when I commented but totally forgot so I will ask now... Your spider is just so beautiful. Do you know what they are called?
    We had them growing up but I haven't seen one in years. I would love to read about your spider if you know what kind it is and yes she is a beauty.
    Have a great evening... Beth

  4. A nap makes any day wonderful!

  5. the seal is the most hilarious thing of the day! And those Jesus kids are well behaved because , you know, honor your mother and father, or Jesus/god will see to it that you fry for a good long time.

    1. Plus- when you're one of like ten kids, you know your place in the family. Quite literally. Acting out isn't going to get you anywhere.


    The man who created the seal and his shop. This will brighten everyone's day:)

  7. Yeah, I did see the story about the mock presidential seal. Brilliant! And I completely agree that temps in the low 90s are MUCH different from those in the upper 90s. Owen is so funny -- "I don't know how we live with her." Ha!

    1. Brilliant is the perfect word, Steve.
      You definitely know the difference between 90 and 98.
      Owen is funny, isn't he?

  8. A nap is a wonderful thing! I'm just headed that way myself.

    I did see the seal - absolutely hilarious!!!

    1. Naps are like a tiny bit of heaven, aren't they?
      And you're right- hilarious.

  9. I wish I knew how to nap. Whenever I take one, I wake up grumpy.


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