Friday, July 19, 2019

Tell Us, Mary. Tell Us How You Really Feel

Today was sort of a one-step-back day and I knew I wasn't going anywhere. Not to Tallahassee, not to the river, not to Monticello, not even to the post office. It was a day to stay at home and continue to breathe, which I did.
So I did my pitiful amount of morning chores and then sat down to work on finishing up Maggie's newest dress and I think she will like it. I hope so. I told her yesterday that I was making her another dress and she asked what it had on it. She was wearing the dress made of the mermaid fabric I'd made her.
"It's just red and white," I told her.
"Oh," she said. "I'll be excited."
I love the way she can sound so sure of something. She's already wondering about losing her teeth. I'm not sure where she heard about that but she told me that she's going to lose her teeth.
"Yes," I said, "You will. When you start school, you will start to lose your teeth."
"At the dentist?" she asked.
"No. They'll just get loose and you'll be able to pull them out and then you'll get new ones."
"Yes," she said with certainty. And then, "Tonight." As if there was no question about it.

So I made the dress and covered up any messiness with cheerful red rick-rack. In my opinion, there is not nearly enough rick-rack in the world today. Just the words rick-rack are fun.

Lily texted me some short little videos of the kids playing with air toys at the mall. There's a big playground thing, I guess, and she told me it's where the Gap used to be.
I was dumbfounded.
"The Gap is gone?!" I asked her. "It was there the last time I was there."
"It's been gone for quite awhile."
Damn. For some reason this upsets me. Where is one supposed to get tank tops? And don't tell me Old Navy. They're not as good.
I guess I don't go to the mall very often.

And so yes, I made the dress and then I took on the chore of tidying up the dresser I use as a sewing cabinet. It's filled with leftover material and patterns and thread and needles and pins and seam rippers and snaps and zippers and every other sort of thing you might need to sew with. I ended up throwing out a whole bunch of pieces of fabric that were so small as to be unusable. Also, some other stuff. And then I mended a pair of Mr. Moon's shorts and patched a rip on a pair of his jeans. Stuff that had been sitting there waiting for me to do since Noah built the ark.

As the day progressed I felt better but not good enough to qualify as "good." One of those days. I really do think that the current occupant of the White House and his shit are affecting me more than I even realize. And of course, it's not just him. It's the way so many people seem to feel as if they've been given permission to voice their racist, ignorant bullshit anywhere and anytime. How can these people be so gullible to think that this man cares about them in the least? I think it's pretty obvious that he cares about:
1. His daughter Ivanka, and
2. Himself.
And not even necessarily in that order.
Actually, of course not in that order.
Is Barron even still alive?

Well, I could obviously go on for days and really, there is nothing at all in the world humorous about any of it. It's just so fucking infuriating how low the man sinks in his lies, his demented verbiage, his smirking big orange face with that dead animal on his head. Watching footage from his rallies is enough to make a person with an IQ over 75 weep with despair. Remember when Hillary called his followers "deplorables"? My god. And there are so many of them who eat this horse shit up and don't care at all that he's making things up as he goes, slandering people whom he has a grudge against, claiming victories that are completely false, and goes against everything that Jesus supposedly ever taught. All they see is a "winner" who comes right out and says what they have been too ashamed to say out loud, thus giving them permission to do the same.


My first little zinnia bouquet from the garden this year in my granny's copper vase that I've been putting zinnias in for over forty years. There's no slime-bellied, lying, idiotic, fascist, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, ignorant pig that can detract from the glory of those colors. 
I'm sure I missed about forty or a thousand adjectives I could have used but you get my point. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 
Let's see what tomorrow brings. Let us all continue to gird our loins because loin-girding is definitely necessary in these strange and horrifying times. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Agreed. Love Maggie's dress and your flowers...Wishing you a peaceful evening.

  2. You put my day into words. The man has reduced me to tears several times today, including remembering it, just now. His gloating self shouldn't need born.

  3. I understand exactly what you are talking about. It is a daily struggle not to be newly devastated each day with that jackass and his emboldened soulless worshipers.

  4. Hi Mary,
    I can somewhat see to read your blog. The dress is just too pretty and those zinna's make my heart bloom. I have red ones. I have been trying to figure out what they were and now I know.
    I feel for you my dear. I know what it is about to be one step back. I had the eye surgery and it hurt something awful but I came home and took a pain pill and slept the clock around.
    I got up at 2:30am needing to pee something awful but had to resort to using the great out doors because my daughter was sick with a migraine and throwing her toe nails up in our only bathroom.
    Then around 6:00am I went back to bed and slept until the time to go to the dr. and get these staples removed then back home I sat and watched 3 back to back episodes of The Handmaids Tale... Ugggh she just cut an appendage off...
    Enough for me tonight. I am now going to bed. I hope your dreams are sweet. Beth Reed

  5. What you really Feel is what so many of us really Feel. Loved the exchange with your Grand-Daughter about her new Dress and Teeth... it made me Smile!

  6. Thank you for the beautiful Trump rant. Yes yes yes.
    I do my Gap song online. It's always cheaper, I think. Unless in Judy gullible. They send me 40% off emails all the time.

  7. Agree with you 100%. Would that there was strong enough rick rack to sew closed that obscene orange mouth and a few yards of it to wrap around his thumbs and fingers. Would that it would be enough to keep us from falling into the abyss. Thinking of you.

  8. Can anyone else besides me see that Trump is grooming you to vote his daughter as the next president, heaven help us all.

  9. tRump is bringing this entire world down. There are not enough execrable adjectives in the world to describe him.

    The dress is lovely. I was so sad to here you were throwing out small scarps of fabric that could be made into a quilt. Were they cotton? Tell me they weren't cotton:)

    Take care of yourself woman. There is much good in the world. You have only to look into the eyes of your grandchildren to know that. The world will right itself again. Don't forget to hope.

    Sending love and hugs.

  10. the man is despicable. he opened the door to the dark underbelly of this nation and basically threw them a parade. I just don't see how we will ever recover. it's hard to stay positive with so much hatefulness and inhumanity in the news.

    the dress is so cute. I have a lot of small scraps left over from when all the grandgirls wanted to learn how to sew. my glass artist friend who still does not have a good working studio has taken to quilting so maybe I'll give them all to him.

    my zinnias are blooming but I have mostly different shades of pink, some white, one yellow and one orange.

  11. Trump's reality show, as unreal as it was, turned out to be the best campaign advertising anyone could have ever hoped for. It's amazing how many people still believe in that persona. Even though it has nothing to do with the real Trump.

    So yes, let's think about zinnias instead. I'm all for zinnias.

    I like the dress! "Rick-rack" always makes me think of "rip-rap," which I think is basically a rock seawall.

  12. every day my head explodes with some new outrage. i think i'm going to bed now, to bury my head under a pillow.

  13. I love this post so much. It made me laugh when mostly and generally I feel so angry and depressed and irritated, my head could explode.

  14. Vile politicians here in UK too Dirty doings as well yuck.

  15. Sorry new device maggi may commenting. Love to you and yours. Maggi xxx


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