Friday, July 26, 2019

Not Sure Why This Isn't A National Holiday

And that is about the extent of the work I did today. A garden cart full of pulled crocosmia, trimmed sago fronds, thorn vine, Virginia Creeper and a few other various weeds. Most of it came from that area you see to the left of the open gate where the border grass is also way overgrown but pulling that shit is like pulling wisdom teeth and I just didn't feel up to it today.
Fascinating, eh?
On the other side of the gate which you can't see there are areas behind and in front of the fence which I have allowed to get completely overgrown with invasives and small trees that were rooted from bird poop, mostly likely, and a whole lot of very healthy-looking poison ivy.

I just don't even know what to do about all that. Ten years ago I probably would have bought some Round-Up even though I already had my deep suspicions about the stuff. I had two good friends, one a master-gardener and one a sort of scientist who both assured me it was safe to use but we now know that that was bullshit and I can't, in good conscience, use it. I love it when people post on Facebook about using things like vinegar to kill weeds.
Yeah. Maybe down to the root. Maybe wimpy yankee weeds. What I've got going on here would simply laugh and laugh at the very audacity of anyone thinking that something like vinegar would have the least effect on it.
Mr. Moon has recently gotten his tractor fixed and after he goes back up to his former hunting camp in Georgia to collect the bush hog attachment he can pull and scrape everything in there and I think that's what it's going to take. For those of you who don't know what a bush hog is, go ahead and google it if you feel the need.

Where was I going with this?
Nowhere, obviously.

I probably should have been packing today but I can do that tomorrow. It's not going to take that long. Trust me.
Jessie says that this boy

told her this morning that he'd dreamed that Boppy and Mer were there to visit and when she told him that we would indeed be there in a few days he was very happy. So are Boppy and Mer.
I looking forward to the take-it-as-it comes trip up there too. We had such a good time doing that last summer. Was it last summer?
I think so. I'm not sure. Time is so funny these days.
Speaking of time, here's a picture that Lily sent today.

I told Lily that these are the moments to cherish because the time will go by and it will all be so hard to remember. Gibson and Maggie have been going through a rather contentious period, mostly because Maggie wants everything Gibson has and of course that's a grievous offense to an older brother who is often forced to share. But oh, when they are being sweet and loving- well. 
What could be more beautiful? 

All right. I guess that's about it. No one needs to hear about my clean sheets. 

But, but...BUT! 
Guess what today is? 
It's this guy's birthday. 

Sir Michael Philip Jagger. He is seventy-six years old today. And by the way- very few things piss me off more than someone saying whatever years-young. What ageist, condescending crap. Obviously, Mick was not seventy-six when that picture was taken. Wasn't he pretty? Do you realize that Mick is older than Robert Mueller? 
We all age differently, don't we? And possibly practicing law can be harder on a man than a life of rock and roll. If you survive it, that is. And Mick has certainly done so. Hell, Keith Richards is older than Robert Mueller. Yeah, these guys have more wrinkles but they can still do two-hour concerts that leave the audience exhausted. 

Okay, okay. Enough about the Rolling Stones. 
Well. No. Not really. There's never enough for me but I'm sure that plenty of you have had enough. 

Go have a martini. It's Friday. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm still bummed that I'm missing my first Stones concert because I'll be driving Oliver to Arizona for COLLEGE.There'll be some grieving going on because of a variety of things...

    1. I think I may be as bummed as you are about you missing that concert. My friends who saw them play in Jacksonville were so blown away they're thinking about going to Miami to see them again.
      But yeah- that's not the biggest thing you're going to be missing. Oh, Oliver! How dare you leave your mother to go to college?!

  2. there is NEVER enough of the STONES, Mary. Mick is 45 years older than his new baby mama too, Age does not matter, unless , you know, child sex crap, but that is another thing...Mick is only four years older than ME!!! my god, I would like to dance!!!

    1. We watched Havana Moon last night, Linda Sue. The concert footage of them playing Havana. It was incredible.

  3. The Stones contributed to some of the happiest times being with mt mother in her car when I was young...I know you will make some awesome memories with your younger grandkids on this visit and enjoy your birthday...

    1. Oh. That makes me happy. My mother never would cop to liking any rock and roll. She moved on with the times pretty well but in that specific arena, she just could not.

  4. my first date with my husband was supposed to be fourth of July weekend in Dallas at a Stone's concert but I had already left for Galveston when he called and so the whole date didn't happen because this was way before cell phones. hell, he didn't even have a land line then and was using a friend's phone. anyway. I laughed and laughed about the whole vinegar on weeds thing, wimpy yankee weeds maybe, because yeah. and yeah, roundup. everybody keeps telling me the only way to control the horrible mess of weeds and poison ivy and cowpea and virginia creeper and ironweed and wild grape on the shop fence is poison and I just can't do it.

    1. Your Texas weeds are probably just as tenacious as my Florida ones. You get it.
      Funny about missing that concert. Have you ever seen them?

  5. You will probably throw some more HAHAHAHAHAHA back at me when I suggest putting some old carpet over that weedy area. Plants need light and if you deprive them of it they will begin to die. Maybe Florida weeds are different and will force holes through the carpet.

  6. Nah. Sorry, Mr. P. Wouldn't work for a variety of reasons. One of them being that eventually, yes, holes would probably be forced. But some people do use black heavy plastic to de-weed areas of their gardens here. I do have some places that might work but these are not two of them.

  7. Oh it is so very sweet when our grandkids get those sweet moments when they get along and not fight and argue. Is Gibson the one that said of Maggie "I don't know how we live with her"?
    I loved that. It reminds me of my grandson Damien who is 15 months old and my oldest grandson Adrian said this morning "He doesn't know how to share yet but I don't think he is ever going to learn how to share. He is a pain." haha. Adrian is the oldest at 12. He is exasperated at times lol.

    You have done a lot of work weeding and such. I don't know how you do it especially with our heat at times. The cool front was wonderful while it lasted.

    I know that you will enjoy your trip. Seeing those sweet kidddo's will be the icing on the cake. Have a great weekend. Beth

  8. Grandbabies and the Rolling Stones. You are the coolest MerMer there is. I think August is getting excited!

  9. This might seem crazy, but is it even really necessary to clear that area to the right of your gate? I don't think it looks too bad, and I bet the critters love it! Those little red flowers are interesting. We have areas in our garden that have pretty much run wild and we just let 'em go, but of course we have much milder critter potential here than you do in Florida. If that makes sense.

    When I was younger I never thought young Mick Jagger was all that hot, but now I definitely see it.


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