Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A Sweet, Good Day

Steve Reed in Lloyd!
I had such a good time with him. When he got here it felt like we'd seen each other last week instead of a few years ago. I guess that's partly because of our blogs but also I feel a kinship with him because we both survived living in the central Florida area during formative years of our lives. We share similar experiences and it turns out we even know a few of the same people. Or did. But whatever it is that makes him seem so familiar to me, it's mighty sweet. I felt like we could talk without ceasing for about eight years.
As soon as he got here we hopped into my car and drove into Tallahassee to meet Hank and Lily and the kids and our friend Lauren and Mr. Moon at Tan's where we all dined on Asian Fusion which is what they call their menu. Everything from curries to sushi and it's all good. Every bit of it.
Owen and Gibson were very pleased to see Steve and Owen remembered him and Gibson soon got to know him.
"SteveReed" is what he calls him. One word. He asked him lots of questions as Gibson does. The children mostly wanted to talk about Sammy and how much they are enjoying having him around. He continues to be a fine, chill dog, making few demands and happily accepting walks and belly rubs.
Hank and Steve talked about trivia and places they knew in common because Hank used to live in Tampa and St. Pete for awhile. I asked Steve later if Hank had been anything like he'd imagined him to be and he said that yes, just about exactly.
When lunch was over there were the usual hugs and Steve got his share.
The other restaurant customers looked on with amusement. We are a huggy group.
After lunch Steve and I went to Goodwill where we had a good time and then we went to the Bad Girls Get Saved By Jesus thrift store and Steve scored a very fine and formerly expensive shirt that's pretty dang cool and fit him like it was custom made for him. And I found yet another vintage Revere Ware pan to add to my collection. So that was fun.
And then we drove back to Lloyd where we walked around the yard and Steve took some pictures and then he had to get on the road to Tampa. I was sad to see him go. I know we had a lot more to talk about.
He's such a kind, good man.
It's odd how some people just seem like family so immediately. Like a little room in our hearts has just been waiting for them to show up and move in.

And now I've picked the garden and am about to make our supper. Mr. Moon helped in the garden and knelt down to pick something and got ant bites all over one knee. Lord, y'all. This summer is a hard one. It got up to a hundred today, I think, and I've read that two people have gotten flesh-eating bacteria in a local lake. We don't dare go swimming in the Gulf because of that and toxic algae. It's scary as shit when you can't even swim in the ocean. When I was growing up, the ocean was considered the most healing thing in the world. It's always been my peace and my salvation.
And now, it's killing people.

Well. Today was a good day. I got to visit with a good friend and with my family. My hens are laying like crazy despite the heat. The young chickens are at the stage where they look just like miniature real chickens which is sort of funny and before I know it, they'll be laying too.
At least the female ones will be. Darla has started letting the kids go off by themselves and she and her sister Dottie have renewed their relationship. Darla is laying again and therefore, she has done her job raising them babies. The young'uns are their own little flockette but they'll eventually become part of the pecking order of the bigger flock.

We go on, we go on and if we are lucky, we have loved ones to share the ride. Or the walk. Or the dream. Or the continuing conversation wherein we try to figure it all out, try to accept that which is, learn to accept that we can be liked for exactly who we are. And we can laugh about it all.


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. "...we can be liked for exactly who we are...". How wonderful life would be if we could always let rip and simply be ourselves. It's not always easy.

    I'm glad that "Stevereed" found himself a new shirt. I guess he will blog about it and about meeting you again.

  2. I am so glad you had a good time!

  3. It's amazing to meet people in person whom you've known for years on the internet. Glad you had a good time. Congrats on the new grand dog.

  4. How fun, and especially to have all available grands along.

  5. Glad you had a good day. I've missed a few posts but I sure hope your anxiety is easing. My daughter suffers from this too, and I'll admit I've never understood it. Your description in an earlier post was eye-opening.

  6. It was terrific to get together again today, Mary! I feel the same way -- like we're family somehow. Our common experiences and interests make spending time together so easy! I was bummed I had to get back on the road after a relatively short time. This state is just TOO DARN BIG. I'm especially glad your family could come together so I could see them again (and meet Hank and Lauren and Maggie for the first time)! Hank and I need to have a longer, more thorough conversation about bad movies. You are sneaky -- I didn't even know you took that picture of me photographing the jacobina.

  7. Internet friends are good friends!

  8. Another nice thing for you:

    A few months back I recommended the 1960-ish children's book Gwendolyn the Miracle Hen-- but as we know, used copies cost a fortune on line.
    But you can see it page by page on a weird Youtube video-- search for "VideoLovers2 Gwendolyn the Miracle Hen". It's read aloud by a ridiculous synthesized voice that has a clumsy. Sense of timing which. Ruins the pattern of the. Rhyming plus it often makes a mess. Of any sense of natural. Stress.
    But I suppose you could watch with the sound off and pause at your own pace to read all the words and enjoy the pictures-- and share it with a child that way.
    I especially liked the hen heading back to the home farm by night after Mr. Meanie booted her out for only laying a plain white egg. Hadn't seen it in over half a century!

  9. What a fun day you had. I'm glad that Steve Reed was able to visit and meet and greet everyone! The photo is a fantastic one. I usually go to Florida every March and we planned to go to Tampa last year to see my friends son but we didn't make it so we are planning to go this coming March if my friend feels up to it.

    I love hearing you talk of your chickens. I always wanted to have some but never had the chance.
    I think that it is so wonderful that people can have a little plot of land with a garden/chickens/a front porch and swing! I really do because here in the land of Texas, Austin where I am at it is concrete and bricks. One apartment complex after another.
    I am lucky to live with my children and have a semi front yard and a back yard.

    Have a fantastic day. I am off to work on my own blog. Take care, Beth Reed

  10. Sounds like just the kind of day you needed. Being with a friend who is so familiar that you can pick up a conversation from years ago is the very best kind of friend. Always in tune.

    Happy the kiddies have a Sammy in their life. Yesterday was the third anniversary of us 'being found' by our Sammy--a sweet, wonderful rescue dog.

  11. what a great day. lunch with the fam and renewing an old friendship. that how I think of it. old friends meeting for the first time though I know this isn't the first visit you've had from Steve.

  12. That sounds like a perfect day. I'm so glad you and Steve were able to get together and catch up a bit....and shop! Sounds perfect.

  13. That was indeed an energizing day, So pleased to read about it and pretend that I live next door and was able to crash your party. LOVE! If it gets any hotter down yonder, the Chooks will cook themselves- always look on the bright side of life/death...We do keep on, keep going until we do not- now we have weaponized insects! OH JOY! I am going to eat all the pie I can possibly consume- the future won't care.

  14. I just love reading about Steve visiting you and the lovely lunch and all.

  15. Blogger buddies! I'm happy you two got together and had such a great time.

  16. I'm so jealous of you and Steve.

  17. What Elizabeth said. Your brother from another mother is what it sounds like. What an awesome time.


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