Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This Is Florida, This Is Me

Summer time and the afternoon goes on forever, for as long as it is night time almost in the winter with heat and light and bugs and by the time the sun is truly down the chickens have been on the roost for hours and I'm exhausted.

I have sweat more and gotten more bug bites today than you can imagine and for some reason even my remote control is covered in tiny ants. I am not kidding you. There is a dead rat in the yard, as big as a squirrel. Well, he is all there except for his head. I had no idea my cat still had that in her- the will and ability to hunt a creature that big. I suppose it could have been a young possum. I am leaving the body for Mr. Moon to clear away. I will do toilets but he must do dead things.

My head hurts on top of everything. No pun intended. Owen and I were sweeping together, each with our own brooms and I bent down and my head hit the broom he was holding on the end and it wasn't his fault. It was one of those thing we call "an accident."

I feel useless but then I remember that I kept that boy alive all day long. And hydrated. And fed. That is something.

I am not going to the Opera House tonight. I feel no need to take my uselessness up there too.

Are we in the Dog Days yet?

I am panting.


  1. you kept that little superhero alive and fed, and you wrote this post, and owen walked around your yard in those fetching red and black boots and you made me laugh a little too. The opera house will miss you tonight, but you earned whatever the heck kind of evening you choose.

  2. Just read this one and the one before (and the one before). Have been insane this week...I think if I ever get to have a baby, I want you there :) And I'm not really kidding about that.

  3. That photo is fantastic. What a get up on that boy.

  4. I will remember that when I feel a twinge of disappointment at the rainy cold summer weather we're having. It's all better than stifling heat.

    I hope your head gets better soon and the ants all go away.

  5. Angella- The night I chose was reheated curry and Flipping Out and finishing laundry and making the man's lunch and bed, oh yes. Bed.

    SJ- It could happen. You never know.

    Elizabeth- He is choosing his own outfits now.

    Mwa- I guess. Only in Hawaii is the weather always perfect. Or so I hear.

  6. When I went over there on Sunday, he was walking around the yard in his boots, a cloth diaper, and a teeshirt, holing a pink Victoria Secret umbrella, hunting fort frogs.

  7. You are useful to me. I don't know what I'd do without you.

    I dig Owen's fashion sense.

  8. LOL on what DTG wrote. I am sure that was a sight. Lots of heat, humidity, insects here. But a bit of a breeze which I will take.

  9. In winter I complain of the rain and cold. In summer I complain of the heat and the bright sunshine. Why can't it just be perfect?

  10. I had to come and have a quick Mary fix. Hank's comment made me laugh.

    I love your descriptions and "I am leaving the body for Mr. Moon to clear away. I will do toilets but he must do dead things." Same here, I can't do dead things either, no way. Miss you Mary, I promise I'll be back later. Love you xx


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