Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Title

The only thing I could possibly find wrong with this Luxo-Deluxe place is the internet. If the wind is blowing right and the light shines in a certain way and, and, and, I can get online. I sneak through the list of available, unlocked wireless systems and one will work for a little while and then quit and I have to go through them all again so it's frustrating but let's face it- not earth-shatteringly awful.

I just talked to Mr. Moon and he is going to fry bream tonight and he asked where the grits were and I could see myself opening the cabinet at home and seeing that bag of grits and it's so odd to be NOT home, you know. So odd.

But Hank and Jessie are coming here to pick me up and we're going to go to West Asheville today and so there's another adventure. Lis is long gone back to school. She played banjo for me last night and how many people can say that?
She has troubles sleeping, that girl, and long past the time I fall out asleep in the huge bed I am sleeping in, she is still up, playing an instrument, working things out in her head.
She does not dream and so has to do all of her working-out-in-her-head while awake while I dream like crazy and so perhaps can go through life without a care in the world.


Good morning from Asheville. The sky is grayish, it is not so hot.
I am as boring here as I am at home.

But good-morning and I am suffering a bit from not being able to spend time with all of you, from not being able to answer my comments. I read them, I love them. Thank-you all so very much. You are my family too.

Love...Mama/Sister/Friend Moon


  1. Without a care in the world made me laugh too. Dreaming stresses me the hell out anymore.

  2. Never boring, Mary....never.

    You must understand that it is not just your words (which are mostly awesome) but when we read them we hear your voice and feel your spirit........it is a real visit.

    I seek out your blog daily among the very first I read and am never bored........I swear.

  3. It poured rain here. Checked the Asheville forecast. Looked good. Glad that Mr. Moon is surviving. I knew he would. He is resourceful. Have a good time!

  4. I'm with Lo--never boring is right.

    I love you, my dear. I miss our daily "conversations."


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