Monday, July 11, 2011


When Owen showed up this morning he was wearing a tri-cornered hat and a pair of nineties sunglasses. He looked hot, y'all. And no, I did not take his picture. By the time I could have found the camera, he'd taken off those accessories. He just wore them for me to see and once I had, he was done.

Lily called me the other day to tell me that every time Owen was around someone dancing he would start yelling, "Stop! Stop!" and it was cracking her up. She demonstrated today and yes, he commanded her to stop.
I did a little shimmy shake around him later but he did not tell me to stop. Maybe he didn't realize I was dancing.

I believe I may have scarred the child for life today. He wanted to see snakes on Youtube. There are some scary-ass snake videos on Youtube, y'all. "Snake regurgitates goat," and even worse (better?) "Snake regurgitates hippo."
No. We did not watch those. God. I'm not completely insane.
But there was one entitled, "World's largest snake," so I figure- what the hell?
We're watching it and the camera is panning down the length of this ginormous snake's body and than when it gets to the head, the snake snaps at the camera and we both jumped. THAT IS WRONG! And I have learned a lesson.
So then we watched videos about kittens and the one about the dog and the orangutan. He liked that one okay. He really liked the one of the bulldog in the pool the best though.

I found some old mermaid tattoos. I put one on Owen's thigh. It looks fine.

I also painted two of his fingernails because he TOLD ME TO! Also, one of mine. Because yes, he told me to.
He is the boss of me.

We somehow managed to give Zeke a bath although we did NOT manage to get the dishes washed. Mmmmm.....
Now Zeke smells like a nasty dog who has been shampooed and conditioned. It's a bit disconcerting but it may be a slight improvement. Can you run a Yorkie through the delicate cycle on the washing machine? If so, would you need fabric softener as well as detergent? Probably, right? Dry skin and all that.

Well, that's my day's report. I guess I'll go do the dishes. Clean the toilets. Do you find that all of a sudden, you realize that the toilets need cleaning desperately? Or is that just me? I wish I'd bought some of that Kaboom! toilet bowl cleaner. I doubt it works any better than any other toilet bowl cleaner but not unlike the Kaboom! foam bathroom cleaner, it turns from bright blue to white when it's through cleaning! This just adds an entire layer of FUN! to cleaning. First a bright blue layer, then a white one! Be still my housewife heart!

Here's a picture of Owen eating shrimp which he loves. With dip. Which is ketchup. He pronounced the shrimp good. And...spicy! He's right.

Dang I love that boy. Here's a thing he does now- when he's given you his good-bye kiss he says, "One more!" and then he gives you another.
And a hug.

Can't beat that.

Off to clean toilets....Love, Ms. Moon


  1. Ohhh, that's so cute. One more. Bless him.

    Youtube can be a bit of a lucky dip, alright. I am equally tempted and repelled by the hippo regurgitation one.
    We were looking at weird fish one day. A vid came up entitled weird-ass fish.

    'Is there really a weird Ass Fish? my daughter asked, then got all embarrassed when I explained. Funny :)

  2. I should go clean my toilets. Or not.
    The video is perfect. Great kid and I would love to meet the parents who are raising him.

  3. I get the sudden toilet realisation too, yes.

  4. You make me want to be a grandma. He is the most adorable boy. He would be the boss of me, too.

  5. Thanks for not posting the videos or any photos of snakes. They terrify me. Truly a phobia of mine just as reading about them made my skin crawl and I had to pick my feet up off the floor as I was afraid one might crawl up and get me or something.

  6. Jo- Maybe we should just stick to Elmo.

    Birdie- Me too!

    Jo- Glad to know it's not just me.

    Rebecca- I would only post snake pictures or videos of what's in my yard. I promise.

  7. that child is cuter by the day

    now i have to you tube snake regurgitates hippo


  8. Michelle- Tell me how that turns out. The hippo-regurgitation thing.

  9. Nice that Owen likes shrimp. He has great taste!

  10. I bet Owen would like the youtube video of the dog on the skateboard and surfboard.

    I love Owen.

  11. Owen eating shrimp is SO CUTE!

    My cousin Robbie used to tell me (when he was little): You are not the boss of me. Of course, I say that to the Viking all the time. Laugh.

    Love you.

  12. Syd- That kid is a natural-born good eater.

    Elizabeth- We were just about to watch the dog on the skateboard when he got totally bored with the whole thing.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Haha! I would NEVER try to be the boss of you. NEVER! And you can be the boss of me any time you want.

  13. Thank you for the story about the snapping snake. My eyes are watering, I've been giggling at my desk, and everyone that sits around me here at work is wondering what the heck is cracking me up.


  14. Cleaning toilets is so much more satisfying when you have a small boy around (although you probably need them slightly older than Owen) - there is always something visible to clean under the seat! (Gross, I know. But more satisfying than cleaning a toilet that just looks a little dusty under the seat, because what's the point in that?)

  15. That handsome little boy! I love that he loves shrimp.

  16. You're so brilliant with him. I love that he gets mermaid tattoos and painted fingernails. I love you Mary, you're brilliant xx


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