Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Front Porch Pictures (Which Make Me Cry)

Those boys. Oh those boys.

Lady banana spider is taking out other lady spiders and keeping their boyfriends.

My beautiful daughter, husband, grandson.

Your Sunday lizard. Wish my eyeshadow looked that good.

The pancakes were wonderful. Peach, banana, pecan.
We also ate bacon. Nitrite free. Almost as good as Asheville's bacon.

Not quite.


  1. I love the way you tell a story-short, or long! This is beautiful.

  2. everyone looks sunkissed and happy.

    I wish my eyeshadow looked that good too.


  3. I love Sunday mornings. You are so lucky to have your family come over for your pancakes and company. I am missing my two daughters who live far from least I saw my middle daughter last night and received her loving hug.

    Somehow your home looks so exotic with lizards and spiders.....

    Mr. Moon with Owen and the parasol....cute.

  4. I had a banana spider take up residence on my porch last summer and I loved watching her. I was hoping maybe one of her daughters would come back this year, but no such luck.

  5. Happy Sunday. Beautiful day here and there.

  6. In the second picture of Owen, his eyes look like they're saying Mer-Mer are you ok? like they're looking into you. seeing you. loving you so much. such a beautiful family!

  7. I wish my eyebrows looked as good as your lizard looks too!
    Your mother is trying, but it's too little too late.
    Who wouldn't have a mini-breakdown now and then?

  8. Here I am reading the comments and figuring out the rest. Thanks, Mary.

  9. So much palpable joy, it's nearly ridiculous!

  10. Such beautiful pictures. That boy is looking so big, man o man! So let's try to set up skype soon. I want to chat more and more.

    And I have to say that Lily has never looked so beautiful to me. And I miss her so much.


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