Monday, July 4, 2011

The Morning Report

Owen will be here any moment, I couldn't sleep half the night and when the alarm did go off, I was dreaming that Mr. Moon was making me late to get the boy by dawdling, dawdling, and he had to wake me to turn off the alarm and I knocked the clock off the bedside table and Zeke is puking all over the house (not really, just a few places) and I can hear a Chuck-Widow's-Will out in the woods and a rooster next door is crowing a little prematurely and Zeke isn't throwing up any more, he's barking. I want to kill him but probably won't. It would be so easy. He's so small I often wonder that I haven't killed him by accident already.

Good morning!
Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Morning Ms. Moon. Have a fun day with Owen, try to stay cool. Happy 4th.

  2. I had a wedding cake disaster last night and didn't sleep either.

    Sigh. I like to like the fourth of JUUUUUly, but I'm not so sure today.

  3. Where was the "Dream sweet dream" night? And pet puking...been there. I always hope I don't step in it! It is always one of the cats....

    It's hot here and I feel to hope the coffee perks me up for our 4th of July party.

  4. HA! There's nothing like a cat barfing somewhere in the house to get me straight up out of bed to find where it is so I don't step on it in my bare feet. When it's cold and skooshy. Ew.

    Happy 4th to you!

    XX Beth

  5. Sounds like you're already hearing fireworks. Hope you have a fun Fourth with family.

  6. Lucy- Thanks, love. And you, too!

    Elizabeth- Oh dear. Wedding cake disasters are true disasters due to the fact that brides are involved. I hope it was resolved and that you do get to enjoy your Fourth a little bit, at least.

    Ellen- Me too! Have a fun party!

    Beth- I wish I didn't know exactly what you mean about the barf.

    Kathleen- A quiet one, but a good one.

  7. Dawdling is such a great word. I dawdled all weekend.

  8. I have a PhD in dawdling. Glad nothing was really puking - Zeke is a dog isn't he?

    Happy 4th July my dear friend xx


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